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Outcry Over Placement of Citibike Stations: Concerns Go Far Beyond Aesthetic

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The Department of Transportation (DOT) and CitiBank have plans to install a CitiBike rental station in a SoHo memorial park, a park which commemorates four individuals who died in a fire, sacrificing their lives to save others’. This decision has been to the dismay—and outright anger—of many community members, and it’s not the first incident [&hellip
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Soho Residents Angry at Patz Murder Media Blitz

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When a reporter on Prince St. told a Soho resident yesterday that he was there to write about the Etan Patz murder, the resident gave him a typical response: “I hope when you go to bed tonight you’re a real stressed motherf***er.” (By Paul Bisceglio.) The resident’s antagonism reflects the community’s growing hostility towards the [&hellip
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