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Protecting Reproductive Choice: It’s a New York City Issue Too

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marc-landis-fb By Marc Landis In New York City, many people assume that the battle for reproductive choice takes place in “flyover states”—and certainly not in our own backyard! Yet these assumptions were proven incorrect again just a few days ago. Last week, the Daily News reported on the closing of a surgical center in Sunset Park, [&hellip
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Healthy Eating Tips for Pregnant Women

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iStock_000013189046Large copy By John Friia Once a woman discovers she is pregnant, everything changes, from what she can do to what she can eat. When it comes to dietary changes, the goal is to try to eat the types of food that are beneficial for your growing baby. With such a wide variety of foods to choose [&hellip
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Baby Fat

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Prospective parents should worry about their own weight when deciding to get pregnant By Keysha Whitaker Many women worry about how to take the weight off after a pregnancy, but according to many doctors, taking the weight off before a pregnancy might increase fertility, promote healthier pregnancies and healthier babies. Men could also increase their [&hellip
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