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Candidates Lay Out Their State Senate Agenda Plans

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By Dan Rivoli Candidates running to replace Eric Schneiderman in the State Senate laid out their plans to bring reform to a dysfunctional legislative body and constituent services to a geographically large, diverse district. Adriano Espaillat, Mark Levine, Anna Lewis and Miosotis Muñoz sat with the West Side Spirit to discuss their agenda and why [&hellip
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Meet the Candidates

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The New York Democratic primary elections take place Sept. 14. In the coming weeks we’ll outline some of the key city, state and national races so you’ll be prepared (and encouraged) to vote
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First Amendment at Stake

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Right-wingers’ inflaming dialogue, using issue for political gain By Alan Chartock Remember Nelson Mandela and his concept of “truth and reconciliation”? In politics, you never know what’ll catch fire. Right now, it’s the mosque near Ground Zero. If you listen to right-winging, Republican gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino, the Ground Zero mosque is an affront to [&hellip
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