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Cuomo’s Victories a Shell Game

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by Alan S. Chartock Think of it this way: Democracy is hard to do. To achieve true democracy, you need to have an educated electorate. If citizens don’t know what their public officials are up to, they can’t make intelligent choices. In fact, they can be led around like donkeys. When that happens, public officials can [&hellip
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City & State: Winners & Losers, Feb. 24

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nyprotest-01 It was a political holiday this week, but for some reason there were still plenty of winners and losers to consider. Redistricting seemed to be nearing some sort of end game, while Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg raised the stakes on pension reform. Albany and Washington were on vacation, as were public school [&hellip
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City & State: WANTED: 2,000 Megawatts

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slider-replace The debate over the future of the Indian Point nuclear power plant can seem like a huge lose-lose proposition. Keep the plant open, and an earthquake-triggered meltdown could unleash a wave of toxic radiation upon millions of New Yorkers. Shut down the plant’s two units, and the region could face rolling blackouts, double-digit rate hikes [&hellip
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UES Council Members Eye Higher Offices

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FE-Dan Garodnick(as) The Upper East Side appears to be a perfect incubator for ambitious young politicians seeking to move up the ranks of New York City politics. Both City Council members Jessica Lappin, representing Roosevelt Island and the eastern portion of the neighborhood, and Dan Garodnick, who represents the western portion bordering Central Park and south to [&hellip
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City & State: The End of the Rainbow

Written by Laura Nahmias on . Posted in Politics

rainbow After gay marriage, a transformative coalition splinters into just another interest group As spring turned into summer last year, a battle over gay rights was brewing in New York City. This was not the years-long struggle to legalize same-sex marriage in the state, a clash being waged at the highest levels of government, with millions [&hellip
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West Sider Tapped to Head Fraud Unit

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FW-Schneiderman5535(as) President Barack Obama has proven willing to do something Gov. Andrew Cuomo has so far been reluctant to do: give Attorney General Eric Schneiderman more investigatory powers. The president recently tapped the West Sider to co-chair a new joint mortgage fraud investigation unit, giving him access to more resources and more ground troops to go [&hellip
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Quinn's State of the City Address

Written by Megan Finnegan Bungeroth on . Posted in Breaking News, News Our Town, News Our Town Downtown, News West Side Spirit, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, Politics, West Side Spirit

In a sweeping and ambitious State of the City speech on Thursday, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn zeroed in on jobs, housing and education, promising new programs and city and state cooperation to pass laws that will enable them. “We need to tap into the power of our communities,” Quinn said in her speech. “We [&hellip
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District Leader Prepping Challenge to Rhoda Jacobs

Written by Chris Bragg on . Posted in Politics

Rodneyse Bichotte, a district leader in Brooklyn, is seriously considering a primary run against longtime Democratic Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs, according to Brooklyn sources, and recently registered a campaign committee for the seat. Jacobs, who was elected to the Assembly in 1978, represents a district that covers primarily Flatbush and Midwood. There is a heavy Caribbean [&hellip
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