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Atget’s Documents

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Eugene Atget Photographed Reality and Surreality by Marsha McCreadie The title tells it all: “Documents pour artistes” is the name of the show, but was also the name of Eugene Atget’s shop in Paris. The French photographer (1857 to 1927) insisted his photographs—all 8,500 of them—were merely documents for sale to craftspeople, and then, as [&hellip
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When Cinema and Politics Converge: Godard’s Weekend and the Wall Street Protests

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By John Bredin   In 1967, one year before the historic Left uprisings of May 1968, Godard produced a pair of prophetic masterpieces (La Chinoise and Weekend) as if to provide cognitive, and aesthetic, sustenance for the coming revolution. So perfect was their historical tie in that, at their American premier—during the 1968 New York [&hellip
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It would easy—and wrong—to dismiss Cédric Klapisch’s Paris over Claire Denis’ 35 Shots of Rum. Although they’re opposite visions of contemporary Parisian life—Klapisch’s mostly white middle class juxtaposes Denis’ black working class—both are rather wonderful. They complement each other. Klapisch, like Denis, has also reached his filmmaking peak. This multi-character film contrasts life and death, [&hellip
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