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Bullying at Any Price

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East Side public and private schools cope with age-old problem In the past year, bullying has become not only a pervasive danger for students to dodge in the hallways but a hot topic of debate in the media, among parents and around dinner tables nationwide. Tragic stories of bullied kids committing suicide show up alongside [&hellip
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City Looks to Close the Book on More Library Funding

Written by Megan Finnegan Bungeroth on . Posted in News Our Town Downtown

additional reporting by Andrew Rice   When people think of libraries, they think of taciturn old librarians, stacks of musty books and repressive quiet zones where the smallest sound is met with a harsh shush! The reality couldn’t be further from this image. Walking into the Battery Park City Library on North End Avenue, the first [&hellip
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Camp Counsel

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Seven questions to ask before sending your child to camp By Renee Flax So many factors go into choosing a summer camp that it’s often difficult even to know where to begin. Here, the seven most crucial camp questions parents should ask. How do I prepare my child for overnight camp? If you can, take [&hellip
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Parents, Schools Tackle West 90s Traffic Hazards

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West 96th Street, a major four-lane thoroughfare, has long been a problem for parents of young children, seniors or anyone else who can’t react quickly enough. Aggressive drivers barrel out of nearby exits from the West Side Highway, and cross-town traffic streams in and out of the Central Park traverse. Many complain that drivers regularly [&hellip
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Numbers Don’t Lie

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• Kindergarteners denied gym time. • Kids getting speech therapy in a former closet. • Gym locker and shower rooms now used for administration. • Some kids getting lunch at 10:30 a.m., some at 1 p.m., because 1,000 students must share common space built for 700. • Indoor recess held in the auditorium, at the [&hellip
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Parents in Public Schools

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It is the middle of July, and few New Yorkers are thinking about school these days—except, perhaps, up in Albany. That’s where the recently un-deadlocked Senate is slated to take up the Assembly’s school governance bill, which passed June 17, leaving mayoral control of schools fairly intact. Senate Dems have a few amendments they’re rumored [&hellip
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