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Lead Found at Future West Side Construction Site Next to School

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Residents listen to Rosenblatt explain the lead findings. A curious neighbor paid for an expert to test the parking lot where Jewish Home Lifecare plans to build a new facility, and found alarming levels of toxic lead By Nora Bosworth Nobody asked Martin Rosenblatt to protect the schoolchildren at the Upper West Side’s P.S. 163, but he may have done just that. The [&hellip
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UWS Residents Bring Concerns to Scott Stringer at Town Hall Forum

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Residents line up to ask Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer questions about issues facing the Upper West Side community. At a packed town hall meeting on the Upper West Side last night, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer fielded questions from concerned residents of the West 90s and 100s. The community came out in full force, pressing Stringer, City Council Member Gale Brewer and a panel of officials representing various city agencies to address their [&hellip
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Talented in Any Language

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Toll’s skills create community in her Spanish-English classroom By Mirva Lempiainen When students’ eyes light up and get that “aha!” expression, that’s when Randi Toll realizes how much she loves her job. “These are the moments I enjoy the most,” she said. Luckily for Toll, who teaches 1st grade at P.S. 163, “it happens a [&hellip
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Not a Solution For P.S. 163

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To the Editor: “Nursing Home Help For Crowded School” (April 1) raises disturbing questions about a misguided approach to solving overcrowding at P.S. 163, on West 97th Street. The article states that P.S. 163 and Jewish Home Lifecare are discussing the construction of a sheltered walkway between P.S. 163 and a new Bloomingdale Library branch, [&hellip
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Nursing Home Help For Crowded School

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P.S. 163 officials and parents are planning for an influx of new students, and help may come from Jewish Home Lifecare. The nursing home is in discussions with the public school to provide space in its new development on West 100th Street. Jewish Home Lifecare, based on West 106th Street, generated some controversy last year [&hellip
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Art of Cooperation

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Schoolchildren from P.S. 163 celebrated the unveiling of a temporary public artwork, “Dream Outside the Box.” The 10-by-12-foot red, white and blue sculpture is inscribed with quotes from the nation’s founding fathers and P.S. 163 students. Students created the work with the help of artists from the Action Arts League, who attended the unveiling. Representatives [&hellip
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