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Vendors Push for Reduced Fines

Written by Andrew Rice on . Posted in Breaking News, News Our Town Downtown, Our Town Downtown

vendor rally 2.16.12-2 They’re everywhere in the city. No, we’re not talking about cabs on the road or rats in the subway, but the street vendors who sell everything from hats, umbrellas, books and bags, to gyros, churros and ices. Many of these street business owners are veterans and/or immigrants. Shortly after noon on Thursday, Feb. 16, hundreds [&hellip
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Raids, Robberies, High Stakes and Drunken Players

Written by Anam Baig on . Posted in Breaking News, News Our Town Downtown, Our Town Downtown

Pokerman Mooshu, a smooth-talking native of the Lower East Side, decisively crushed his cigarette before disappearing through a rusty black gate and into an unassuming townhouse on St. Mark’s Place. On a Sunday night, he entered the basement door after descending a crumbling staircase and faced a camera attached to the door of the ground-floor apartment. [&hellip
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Neighborhood Chatter

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Lower Manhattan Tourism Up by 800,000 According to the Downtown Alliance’s 2011 Year in Review, 9.8 million tourists flocked to Lower Manhattan’s major museums, events and attractions last year—800,000 people more than in 2010. “Tourism is thriving in Lower Manhattan like never before,” said Elizabeth Berger, president of the Downtown Alliance. “While business travelers remain [&hellip
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DT Social: Snow in the City

Written by Marissa Maier on . Posted in News Our Town Downtown, Our Town Downtown

UnionSquareSnow4_patriciavoulgaris Winter 2012 has been particularly seasonable. While the temperate weather makes the season more palatable, other New Yorkers miss the snow. These snowflake buffs came out in full force recently at Union Square, where tons of the white stuff was dumped. The temporary snow park, dubbed Burton Riglet Park, was part of a special snowboarding [&hellip
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8MS: What RACHEL KHONA Learned from Pam Anderson

Written by Our Town Downtown on . Posted in On Topic OTDT, Opinion and Column, Our Town Downtown

I’ve always found Pamela Anderson a creature of strange fascination. No, it’s not because I am a lesbian or because I have a large plastic boob fetish, much as my childhood Barbie collection might dictate otherwise. It’s not even because she was married to Tommy Lee, on whom I have an undying crush despite his [&hellip
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Talking Up DT with Joan Firestone: Executive Director of the Moth

Written by Penny Gray on . Posted in Arts Our Town Downtown, Our Town Downtown

07_TalkingUp Joan Firestone, executive director of The Moth, shares the importance of telling stories Downtown…and how the experience just might connect you to everybody, everywhere. How did life at The Moth begin for you? I’m the last one in. A year and a half ago, the executive director stepped down and I was asked by a [&hellip
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A Lesson in Restoration

Written by Vatisha Smith on . Posted in Dwell OTDT, Our Town Downtown

CH3 Carriage houses in the Village were once as common as town houses and walk-up apartment buildings are today. Few carriage houses have stood the test of time, but there is one noted exception on West 4th Street. Given the predilection New Yorkers have for real estate, it should come as no surprise that a recent [&hellip
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Old Money and Young Dreams

Written by Our Town on . Posted in Arts & Film, Arts Our Town, Arts Our Town Downtown, Dance, Music, Our Town, Our Town Downtown

Coleescola-1 Petula Clark went “Downtown” and The Jeffersons moved on up, but there’s always cause for some commotion when modern cabaret stars boldly cross Manhattan’s equator, as they will in this month’s Downtown Series at Feinstein’s at The Regency. Nightlife promoter Daniel Nardicio has joined forces with Jen Gapay of Thirsty Girl Productions to curate a [&hellip
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Denzel Goes Rogue in Safe House

Written by Armond White on . Posted in Arts Our Town, Arts Our Town Downtown, Arts West Side Spirit, Film, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, West Side Spirit

safe-house Safe House, an espionage chase film set in South Africa, is rotten enough to be a sequel to District 9, where South African racial issues were treated to a dumb sci-fi alien allegory. Here, the alien is Denzel Washington, who first appears walking down a Johannesburg street in a Malcolm X beard and fedora. But [&hellip
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