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2013 OTTY Awards

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OTTYparty_AA_0226_cover1 Our Town Thanks You The OTTY Awards have become an annual tradition anticipated by many in the Upper East Side community as a celebration of what makes the neighborhood great. (See the Letter to the Editor by Betty Cooper Wallerstein on page 14.) OTTY stands for Our Town Thanks You – they are an opportunity [&hellip
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Letters to the Editor

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424px-Mailbox.svg Thank You for the OTTY Awards The OTTYs are a wonderful idea to encourage and recognize New Yorkers who take pride in what they do, how they work and their achievements, whether paid for or volunteered. And we can express our pride in them by supporting their names for OTTY awards. Each and every year [&hellip
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The First Annual Downtown OTTY Awards

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Council Member Margaret Chin, Downtowner of the Year Our Town Downtown thanks the people who make life in lower Manhattan spectacular When we decided to start a tradition of presenting awards to outstanding community members who live and work in downtown Manhattan, the one thing we knew would be easy was finding recipients. We weren’t disappointed. The inaugural Downtown OTTY (Our Town Thanks [&hellip
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2012 OTTY Awards: Neighborhood Girl Who Runs the Met

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By Paulette Safdieh Visitors come to the Upper East Side from all over the world for a bite to eat at Serendipity 3 or a carriage ride through Central Park, but most of all to spend some time visiting Museum Mile. Our famed museums along 5th Avenue keep our neighborhood bustling with culture and give [&hellip
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Where’s This Woman? Fighting for the Upper East Side

Written by Megan Finnegan Bungeroth on . Posted in OTTY Awards, Our Town, Politics Rep. Carolyn Maloney, the 2012 East Sider of the Year OTTY award winner, pulls no punches fighting for her Upper East Side district. Some politicians get themselves noticed for the things they say. Others work quietly, hoping to gain attention for the things they do. The rare breed of national legislator is able to land [&hellip
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