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See the World Through Max Weinman's Lens

Written by Noah Wunsch on . Posted in Film, NY Press Exclusive

IMG_1550 There are no explosions in Max Weinman’s films. There is no sex, except perhaps a sudden caught breath in a forest scene, which subconsciously represents the first flicker of lust. There’s no cursing. No drugs. Very few people. Talking. Sound. And with those qualities stripped we’re left with a beautiful commentary on wanderlust and an [&hellip
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Doug Strassler's Oscar Recap

Written by Doug Strassler on . Posted in Film, NY Press Exclusive

meryl Well, here it is, my last Oscar column for months to come. When all was said and done, The Artist and Hugo, two remarkably well-done films that wore their love for the movies on their sleeves, were the big winners, taking home five golden men apiece. But there were other standout moments throughout the night [&hellip
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Movies in Search of an Author

Written by Tomas Hachard on . Posted in Film

citizenkane A new series at the Anthology Film Archives explores the role of the screenwriter in the history of film. Plays have playwrights, TV series have creators, and movies have directors. It’s a structure of artistic credit that seems to come naturally, even though it hides the group driven nature of each art. One particular consequence [&hellip
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City Arts: The Also-Rans: Must We Talk About Kevin?

Written by Armond White on . Posted in Film

we.need_.to_.talk_.about_.kevin_.tilda_.swinton This exclusive CityArts series will chart the recent peculiar releases that failed to get Oscar nominations. Yet, just like the Oscar-nominated fare, these movies are not a part of film culture but exist outside what moviegoers patronize and talk about. The films’ staggered release from December 2011 to early 2012 delays the effects of film on the [&hellip
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Why the Oscars No Longer Matter

Written by Doug Strassler on . Posted in Film, NY Press Exclusive

oscar (1) It’s that time of year! Welcome to my pre-Oscar haze. As the world’s self-proclaimed Biggest Oscar Fan, the week running up to Hollywood’s golden night has historically filled me with sheer glee. But even I will acknowledge that in recent years, the ceremony has come to feel like more of a formality than a thrill. [&hellip
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Raising Renee: A Sit Down With the Subject of the Powerful New Documentary

Written by Noah Wunsch on . Posted in Film, NY Press Exclusive

Raising-Renee_Beverly-Front-steps-one300dpi Documentarian Jeanne Jordan and painter Beverly McIver both attended an advanced study in the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard. Bev’s studio was right next door to Jordan’s, and the two became fast friends. Jordan marveled at her neighbor’s large-scale paintings, which reminded her of graphic film stills. The two began socializing outside of work, Jeanne inviting [&hellip
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The Arts Mingle in Tribeca

Written by Our Town Downtown on . Posted in Arts Our Town Downtown, Film, Our Town Downtown

chanel Since its inception in 2002 the Tribeca Film Festival has hosted hundreds of films made hundreds film makers from around the world, and one of its longest traditions is the Artists Awards Program. The program, sponsored by Chanel, announced that Peter Dayton, Walton Ford, Stephen Hannock, JR, Kim Keever, Clifford Ross, Nathan Sawaya, Cindy Sherman, Hugo [&hellip
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