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British Food is Far More Interesting Than the Games Would Have You Believe

Written by Regan Hofmann on . Posted in Dining Our Town, Dining West Side Spirit, Eat & Drink, Our Town, West Side Spirit

windowslivewriterolympiclogos-1ed9rings-3 One of the best parts of the Olympic Games is the way network TV covers the host city. No matter where it is, pre-Games coverage includes a breathless narrative of the country’s proud traditions, its friendly people and its position for a stronger tomorrow over gauzy shot after gauzy shot of sweeping vistas and laughing [&hellip
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Olympian Principles for Everyday Life

Written by Bette Dewing on . Posted in Dewing Things Better, Opinion and Column, Opinion Our Town, Opinion West Side Spirit, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, West Side Spirit

Bette Dewing A smile can make everything better  “I could show the world how to smile, I could be glad all of the while…” Well, there’d be infinitely more to smile about if songs like that again topped the charts. Ah, but the physical act of smiling does makes us feel better. Supportive research must get out [&hellip
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London Street Scenes on the Upper East Side

Written by Rebecca Harris on . Posted in Arts & Film, Arts Our Town, Museums, Our Town

London, 2008 The Museum of London has loaned its most popular temporary exhibit to the Museum of the City of New York (MCNY) in honor of the 2012 Olympic games in London this month. The East Harlem museum unveiled the expansive photography collection, as well as an original companion exhibit, last Friday to coincide with the start [&hellip
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Neighborhood Chatter

Written by Our Town Downtown on . Posted in News Our Town Downtown, Our Town Downtown

NeighborhoodChatter St. Paul’s “Bell of Hope” Tolls for Colorado Victims Dr. James H. Cooper rang the St. Paul’s Chapel “Bell of Hope” last Thursday afternoon to commemorate the 12 moviegoers lost and 58 injured during the horrific shooting in an Aurora, Colo., movie theater on Friday, July 20. This isn’t the first time the bell has [&hellip
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Quiz: Can You Spot the Difference Between the Streets of London and New York City?

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Arts Our Town Downtown, News Our Town, NY Press Exclusive, Our Town, Our Town Downtown

New photography exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York to celebrate the world’s largest competition The Olympics are almost upon us! But even if you’re not into sports, this year’s Olympics have given us something else to look at. In honor of the Games, the Museum of London and its project, London [&hellip
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Literally Climbing Mountains While Living with MS

Written by Megan Finnegan on . Posted in News Our Town, News West Side Spirit, Our Town, West Side Spirit

Many people afflicted with a chronic disease have plenty of obstacles to surmount in their lives without adding more. For Upper West Side resident Alexandra Levin, being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at a young age did nothing to thwart her desire to tackle some of the biggest natural obstacles in the world: mountains. Levin, [&hellip
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The Olympics, a Comfortable Pond Away

Written by Josh Rogers on . Posted in Opinion and Column, Opinion Our Town, Opinion West Side Spirit, Our Town, West Side Spirit

A storied history for the Games, just not a feel-good one My neighborhood should be relatively quiet for the next few weeks, although I’d be surprised if Mayor Michael Bloomberg cares any more. Seven years ago, he and his deputy mayor at the time, Dan Doctoroff, were determined to get the Olympics to New York [&hellip
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An Olympic Love Story

Written by Megan Finnegan on . Posted in News West Side Spirit, West Side Spirit

For Michael Gostigian and Sharon Monplaisir, the Olympics have always been a beacon of strength, perseverance, competition—and true love. The married Upper West Siders are both former Olympians, and they credit the Games for bringing them together almost 20 years ago. Gostigian competed in the pentathlon, an Olympic event in its 100th year this summer [&hellip
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Greg Louganis Q&A

Written by Megan Finnegan Bungeroth on . Posted in News Our Town, News West Side Spirit, Our Town, West Side Spirit

Greg Louganis has built his entire life around overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles. He is perhaps most famous for a single dive at the 1988 Olympics preliminaries, a reverse two-and-a-half somersault pike, in which he hit the back of his head on the spring board and had to receive stitches for his injury. Undaunted by the [&hellip
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