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Chase Bank (Finally) Addresses One Chase Manhattan Plaza Closure

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One Chase Manhattan Plaza. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. By Paul Bisceglio   Following downtown residents’ and the Community Board 1 (CB1) Urban Planning Committee’s demands for an explanation, three representatives of JP Morgan Chase met with the CB1 Quality of Life Committee yesterday evening to discuss the closure of One Chase Manhattan Plaza, home of the bank’s Financial District skyscraper and a privately [&hellip
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Zuccotti Park Security Guard Plays Computer Games, Smashes Occupy Camera

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It’s just another day in the life of a Zuccotti Park security guard. The park, which remains under watch by security 24/7 since the dissolution of the Occupy encampment, is still witnessing acts of rebellion. A Brookfield Properties security guard was playing computer games in the park last night, until he realized he was being [&hellip
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Link Between OWS Protest and Unsolved 2004 Murder is Result of Lab Mistake (Updated)

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UPDATE: It turns out that the only connection between the DNA sample lifted from a subway gate at a recent Occupy Wall Street protest and DNA collected in the unsolved 2004 murder of Juilliard student Sarah Fox was an NYPD lab worker who processed both, the Daily News reported Wednesday. The matching DNA was found [&hellip
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Protesters Show Up Outside Romney Hamptons Fundraiser, Condemn His “Koch Problem”

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Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney appeared at three private fundraising events in the Hamptons this past weekend, raising a total of approximately $3 million, and causing quite a stir among protesters. Billionaire David Koch hosted one of these notable fundraisers at his shorefront home, reports ABC News. Oil tycoon Koch has come to be known as [&hellip
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Velazquez Scores Decisive Primary Win Over Three Challengers

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Nydia_Velázquez Lopez-backed candidate, Councilman Erik Martin Dilan, falls short by Alan Krawitz The 2012 Democratic primary in the newly created 7th District. which includes parts of Brooklyn, Queens and the Lower East Side, was billed by many to be one of the toughest challenges of Rep. Nydia Velázquez’s 10 terms in office. But, that storyline fell [&hellip
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Occupy, Then What? A French Perspective on the OWS Movement

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By Laurent Berstecher   Having grown up in France, I have always been skeptical of social movements. It must be said that, in my home country, demonstrating is as much a means to express political grievances as it is a folkloric tradition. Almost every year, outraged citizens pour into the streets of Paris to protest [&hellip
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The Movement’s Next Move?: Occupy Wall Street’s window for real change is closing

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Rogers headshot By Josh Rogers An Occupy Wall Street group invited me last week to a Facebook page outlining all of the financial corruption issues the media was ignoring. The first post I saw involved portable toilets at one of their encampments. Now surely a grassroots movement with protests in many countries has plenty of logistical worries, [&hellip
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Down to ZERO: Students, Activists Renew Rally Cries

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0425-college-loan-debt_full_600 May sees Renewed Activism with “May Day” and “Occupy Student Debt” May has seen a renewed vigor for certain activist movements, namely “Occupy Student Debt” and, on May 1, “May Day.” For it’s part, the Occupy Student Debt movement renewed its protest efforts as collective student debts broke the $1 Trillion threshold, with rallies planned [&hellip
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