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Museum Director Brings Her Historical Expertise Downtown

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Susan Henshaw Jones has revitalized the South Street Seaport Museum By Ashley Welch Susan Henshaw Jones had her work cut out for her when she became the president of the South Street Seaport Museum in the fall of 2011. Earlier that year, financial struggles forced the maritime museum to lay off most of its staff [&hellip
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Rolling Jubilee Kicks Off Occupy Fundraiser

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An offshoot of Occupy Wall Street is raising money to help alleviate consumer debt. By Caroline Lewis “Whoa, did you see that?” asked Annie Spencer, a professor at Hunter College and a member of the Occupy group Strike Debt. “The live ticker on the Rolling Jubilee website just crossed $200,000 being raised.” That was enough [&hellip
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Occupy Fundraiser Rolling Jubilee Kicks Off in the Village

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Strike Debt Watch live streaming video from lepoissonrouge at By Caroline Lewis A “postmodern grassroots variety show” may sound like just another one of the dismissive names people have been lobbing at Occupy ever since it cropped up in Zuccotti Park last September. But that’s what activist Laura Hanna promises in the fundraising extravaganza the Occupy [&hellip
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Neighborhood Chatter: OWS vs. NYPD, Nadler Pressures OSHA, LES Murderer Sentenced

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OCCUPY-WALL-STREET-PROTESTS Against NYPD A lawsuit brought by three alleged Occupy Wall Street protesters against the NYPD was settled by the city last week. On Nov. 7, 2011, Kira Moyer-Sims, Angela Richino and Matthew Vrvilo claim they were arrested without cause, detained for 24 hours and subjected to a strip search after leaving a coffee shop near [&hellip
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Happy Birthday, Occupy Wall Street

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occupy Protesters return to the Financial District to celebrate movement’s one-year anniversary By Paul Bisceglio Double-decker bus tourists had plenty to see when they reached the Financial District on Monday: grungy drum lines parading down the streets, crowds dressed in mock business suits, anarchist vests and polar bear costumes, and donuts hooked to fishing poles dangling [&hellip
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(Re)Occupy Wall Street

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Occupy_n   By Paul Bisceglio Last September, protesters set up camp in Zuccotti Park and launched Occupy Wall Street, a global campaign for economic equality, political transparency and just about every other cause people fight for these days. The occupation drew disparate activists from across the country to the Financial District for two months until police [&hellip
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Brookfield Security Company Implements Zero Tolerance Policy for OWS at Zuccotti Park

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By Alissa Fleck Ever since OWS encampments were ejected from Zuccotti Park last fall, Brookfield Properties security company, in conjunction with the NYPD, has drawn up a set of rules aimed at stamping out any fledgling Occupy activity. These rules are “akin to being subjected to a TSA screening” for park patrons, reports Gothamist. Brookfield [&hellip
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Where to Occupy Next?

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occupy Planner looks at public spaces most vulnerable to an OWS takeover By Paul Bisceglio With Occupy Wall Street’s one-year anniversary celebration in the Financial District scheduled for Sept. 17, New York city officials are wondering if OWS protestors might have anything else in the works to commemorate their inaugural occupation of Zuccotti Park. Another takeover, [&hellip
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Sitting Down with Director Stephen Gyllenhaal

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Nick Gallinelli chats with the indefatigable Grassroots writer and director Stephen Gyllenhaal is one of those people that doesn’t really ever seem to get tired. Since his television debut in 1980, Gyllenhaal has directing credits on shows from Numb3rs to The Shield to Felicity to ABC children’s stuff. The guy who opened the Hollywood door for his children, [&hellip
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