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Child Heart Disease on the Rise

Written by Dr. Cynthia Paulis on . Posted in Healthy Manhattan, News Our Town, News West Side Spirit, Our Town, Special Sections, West Side Spirit

Let’s face it: Children are getting fatter, and as the obesity rate rises in this nation, so too does heart disease. Years ago, in my neighborhood, I used to watch the children get off the school bus, dump their books and go outside to play until it was dinner time. Now they get off the [&hellip
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The Humor in Soda Ban Protest “Escapes” Bloomberg

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“The humor kind of escapes [him],” Mayor Bloomberg says of the “Million Big Gulp March” in protest of his proposed soda ban. This weekend New Yorkers for Beverage Choices took to the streets to urge Bloomberg to let them put what they want into their bodies. Bloomberg referenced obesity and obesity-related deaths in the City, [&hellip
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City Council Discusses School Breakfast Proposal in Face of DOH Backlash

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The City Council’s Committee on Education held a hearing today to discuss two proposed resolutions related to the Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) program. BIC provides breakfast to children in city schools through one of two models: the hallway grab-and-go option or physical, in-classroom implementation. (by Alissa Fleck) One proposed resolution calls on the City’s [&hellip
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Soda Ban Sweet Music to Some East Siders

Written by Rebecca Harris on . Posted in News Our Town, Opinion and Column, Our Town

Since Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced his plan to institute a citywide ban on the sale of large sugary beverages, health experts, politicians, vendors and consumers have weighed in passionately on both sides. While many prominent people from former president Bill Clinton to the chair of nutrition at the Harvard School Public Health have voiced their [&hellip
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Sponge Bob, the 30 lb. Cat, Finds New Home

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By Paul Bisceglio New York’s tubbiest tabby has a new home. Sponge Bob, the 30 lb. feline media sensation, made his debut with his new owners last week on the purple carpet at Animal Haven’s second annual Performance for the Animals benefit concert and auction at City Winery in Tribeca. Two months ago, Sponge Bob’s [&hellip
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Baby Fat

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Prospective parents should worry about their own weight when deciding to get pregnant By Keysha Whitaker Many women worry about how to take the weight off after a pregnancy, but according to many doctors, taking the weight off before a pregnancy might increase fertility, promote healthier pregnancies and healthier babies. Men could also increase their [&hellip
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Gender Bias

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Nancy Gleeson never said “no.” When she saw sugar, she ate it, gorging on cookies, chocolate and banana splits every day for decades. She didn’t worry about the weight gain that left her tipping the scales at 225 pounds. She didn’t heed the family history that put her at high risk for diabetes—until she wound [&hellip
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