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NYU Langone Resumes Inpatient Services

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hospital After severe damage from Hurricane Sandy forced Tisch Hospital and the Schwartz Health Care Center to remain closed for months, these facilities at NYU Langone Medical Center resumed inpatient services on Thursday, Dec. 27. Administrators also anticipate a return of nearly all services by the end of January. “We have overcome many challenges over the [&hellip
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Tapped In: Langone Receives Federal Aid, Mount Sinai Opens Medical Center, City Economy Growing

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4182 LANGONE HOSPITALS RECEIVE FEDERAL AID New York University’s Langone Medical Center is receiving $114 million in aid from the federal government this week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Sunday. The award-winning hospital complex on First Avenue was evacuated and shut down on the night of Hurricane Sandy when heavy flooding knocked out its backup generator. [&hellip
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Medical Miracles of the Upper East Side

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FE-Bob-Dwyer By Beth Mellow Hospitals are populated with the ailing, those on the brink of permanent disability or even death. You can find relatives whispering to each other in waiting rooms, wondering if their loved ones will recover and lead fulfilling lives. Whether it’s cancer eating away at healthy cells or an oppressive depression wearing away [&hellip
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Two New Drugs for Melanoma

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The medications are a help but don’t cure the deadliest skin cancer By Dr. Cynthia Paulis There seems be a breakthrough in treatment for melanoma patients with two drugs approved by the FDA last year, Yervoy (ipilimumab) and Zelboraf (vemurafenib). Melanoma, a skin cancer, causes death in almost 9,000 Americans annually and has had an [&hellip
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