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Baruch Gets Green Light to Open Interim Plaza on 25th Street

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Baruch students and members of the community enjoy the new Interim Plaza. Photo courtesy Baruch College By Janet Allon When Baruch College students return to classes toward the end of this month, they won’t have to look both ways when they cross 25th Street anymore. That’s because the college received the necessary approvals to close 25th Street between Lexington and Third Avenues to traffic at the end of December, and has [&hellip
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Tapped In: Sandy Aid; Fire Fatalities; Ed Potter Award

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fire Compiled by Paul Bisceglio NADLER, CUOMO ATTACK DELAY IN SANDY AID The House of Representatives’ failure to vote on a $60 billion Hurricane Sandy disaster aid bill last week prompted a number of angry responses by local elected officials representing the storm-ravaged city. “This is a betrayal of the millions of Americans who are struggling [&hellip
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Twentysomething Candles

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Kristine Keller How believing that time and age are invisible enhances life satisfaction I know life has its challenges. There’s malaria and questionable funds in the Cayman Islands—and I care about those things. I wouldn’t watch Kimmel’s opening monologues if I didn’t. But sometimes, anxiety levels skyrocket when thinking about the equipment needed for navigating the winding [&hellip
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Take Back the Brunch

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Worthwhile eggs for brunch. Photo courtesy of JoeDoe There’s hope yet for the wayward meal at JoeDoe Brunch stinks. The franken-meal manages to drag through the mud two of our most venerable dining concepts: breakfast foods and the noble art of daydrinking—perverting the latter with baby-strength mimosas and tepid bloody marys and drowning the former in a tidal wave of mediocre egg dishes [&hellip
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Resolutions for the City

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Chinatown: Stop letting the other ’hoods use me. If they don’t want to meet for dim sum during the day, then they can take their club beats elsewhere at night. And tell Nolita to quit invading my space.Photo by Christopher Schoenbohm Don’t worry about the fact that you’ve already ditched your resolutions, and focus on helping New York City’s neighborhoods keep theirs. Look at you, New York! I hardly recognize this group of non-smoking, exercising, healthy-eating and organized individuals. What happened? You used to be fun. Interesting, at least. The truth is, if everyone in New [&hellip
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NEIGHBORHOOD CHATTER: Teen Murdered; New Parking Signs; Preschool Opening

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raphael-ward-facebook Compiled by Megan Bungeroth Lower East Side Teen Murdered for Parka Last Friday night, 16-year-old Raphael Ward, a resident of the Lower East Side’s Baruch Houses, was shot and killed at the corner of Rivington and Columbia streets. According to several news accounts, the boy was wearing a pricey Marmot winter parka, and a group [&hellip
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Crime Watch: Bad Nap; Unhappy Holiday; Appliances Theft; Christmas Robbery; Roommate Stabbing

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laptop Compiled by Paul Bisceglio BAD PLACE TO NAP A man at work on his laptop in a coffee shop on Broadway let his guard down for a moment and was robbed. At around 10 a.m. on Sunday, Dec. 23, the 64-year-old New Jersey resident decided to take a 10-minute power nap in the shop with [&hellip
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