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The Mandate: Learn to Play the Modern Dating Game

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1284069169-mysteryman Dear Mandate, Have I been living under a rock for the past ten years? I am completely incapable of playing “the game”. What are the rules? When do they apply? Help! Disclaimer: The following post is in no way a statement that men are the sex that should be pursued. In my total and utter [&hellip
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See the World Through Max Weinman's Lens

Written by Noah Wunsch on . Posted in Film, NY Press Exclusive

IMG_1550 There are no explosions in Max Weinman’s films. There is no sex, except perhaps a sudden caught breath in a forest scene, which subconsciously represents the first flicker of lust. There’s no cursing. No drugs. Very few people. Talking. Sound. And with those qualities stripped we’re left with a beautiful commentary on wanderlust and an [&hellip
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Doug Strassler's Oscar Recap

Written by Doug Strassler on . Posted in Film, NY Press Exclusive

meryl Well, here it is, my last Oscar column for months to come. When all was said and done, The Artist and Hugo, two remarkably well-done films that wore their love for the movies on their sleeves, were the big winners, taking home five golden men apiece. But there were other standout moments throughout the night [&hellip
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How Cougar Town Became a Prime Destination

Written by Doug Strassler on . Posted in Arts & Film, NY Press Exclusive, TV

cougartown When ABC shelved Cougar Town’s third season debut to February, this mid-season shuffle sounded like the death knell for a sitcom that had found a loyal, if limited, fan base, not unlike show co-creator Bill Lawrence’s Scrubs. Lawrence and his cast didn’t take the move sitting down, however; they hunted down as many print and [&hellip
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