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Now Take Them Out, Devils: Caitlin Rose & “Except Rap & Country”

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“I like everything except Rap and Country.” God, is there a more phrase as simultaneously innocuous and incendiary as that one? It’s the pop music equivalent of “I’m not racist, but…;” a phrase oft repeated by the woefully underinformed and culturally stagnant when they want to appear more evolved than they actually are. By saying [&hellip
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Now Take Them Out, Devils: The Next Day Introduces Bowie, The Mortal (Part 2)

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Missed part one? Read it here. When The Next Day was announced on Bowie’s 66th birthday, I had long since given up any hope of hearing new material. It was as if a limb I had amputated years ago had suddenly reappeared one morning; the phantom pains I had gone through such lengths to banish merely a [&hellip
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Now Take Them Out, Devils: Beck Wrangles Over 160 Musicians for Maximalist Bowie Cover

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Since the release of 2008’s astoundingly mediocre Modern Guilt, Beck has all but stepped away from conventional rockstardom. He’s spent the past few years on idiosyncratic projects like the Record Club,  a collaboration with such luminaries as Annie Clark, Angus Andrews, Devendra Banhart, Thurston Moore, Jeff Tweedy, and, uh, Giovanni Ribisi. Beck assembled these Superfriends of [&hellip
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Now Take Them Out, Devils: My Bloody Valentine Released First Album in 22 Years—It’s Awesome

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My_Bloody_Valentine_-_MBV Last Saturday, while the Internet was busy minding its own business, the My Bloody Valentine Facebook page issued this short missive: “We are preparing to go live with the new album/website this evening. We will make an announcement as soon as its up.” Then, at 23:58 Greenwich Mean Time, burst into existence, accompanied by m [&hellip
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NTTOD Playlist #2: I’m In Love With That Song (A Collection of Pop Music About Pop Music)

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NTTOD.pulp By Simon Lazarus Vasta One of the things I love most about pop music is its versatility. It’s a medium with room for everything: the political and the personal, the avant-garde and the lowbrow, orchestral finesse and two-chord anthems, stupidity and intelligence, beauty and brutality. Additionally, these elements can be arranged any which way, swapped [&hellip
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