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Clowning Around

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IMG_0620-p Last Saturday night, while the streets were lined with the stench of stale beer and the remains of Kelly green party favors, something magical was taking place in the East Village where a crowd of people were crammed tightly into a small, dark space. Most sat, a few stood. Songs of the old school variety [&hellip
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Playlist for Spring Fever

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James Brown in 1973. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons. For all you haters out there saying, “Man, I wish we had a little more winter this year. Like, where was the snow?” Shove it. The snow went away because it realized how much it sucked. Warm weather was like, “Hey bud, no hard feelings, but seriously, no one likes you. It’s awkward, but they [&hellip
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Weird Womb and the Sad State of Punk

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I wasn’t sure what to expect walking over to Milano’s Bar on Houston and Lafayette to meet two of the band members from the new punk rock set, Weird Womb. Their music rings of the careless trash bashing rock of the early 80’s. The pearl of punk, when it was forming in New York City’s downtown [&hellip
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See the World Through Max Weinman's Lens

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IMG_1550 There are no explosions in Max Weinman’s films. There is no sex, except perhaps a sudden caught breath in a forest scene, which subconsciously represents the first flicker of lust. There’s no cursing. No drugs. Very few people. Talking. Sound. And with those qualities stripped we’re left with a beautiful commentary on wanderlust and an [&hellip
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