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Local Pols Knock Plan for State Election Districts

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By Megan Bungeroth It happens once a decade and it’s never an easy process. In accordance with the state Constitution, the state Legislature is currently in the process of creating new district lines for the Assembly, state Senate and congressional representatives. The Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and Reapportionment (LATFOR) has just released a set [&hellip
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3-D Printing Saves the Universe

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Only 300 years to go By Carib Guerra The process of 3-D printing is called additive manufacturing, and it’s a pretty simple idea: A machine squirts some material in layers based on a 3-D computer model until the design becomes a real-life object. There are a few different methods and processes to choose from, but [&hellip
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Downtown Crime Watch

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CrimeBlotter_Illus_02_02_12 $40k rock goes missing While most of us like to don jewelry that has some sentimental value, like a wedding band, graduation bracelet or necklace to remember a friendship, when the item surpasses the cost of an average monthtly mortgage payment, it is perhaps best to leave it at home. A 29-year-old woman went into [&hellip
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West Side Crime Watch

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Online Scammer Last week, a woman put up a Craigslist ad to sell some of her furniture. She received a response and a check for $2,830, well over her asking price, from a man who instructed her to keep a portion as payment and wire the balance to his shipping company. Lo and behold, the [&hellip
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SOPA PIPA People! The Bright Side of the Bleak

Written by Carib Guerra on . Posted in Breaking News, Technology

sopa On the morning of Jan. 18, 2012, America woke up to a digital reenactment of Real Life as experienced by humans at the turn of the century. We were shook. We called and emailed and berated our elected representatives. Surprisingly—given the recent string of questionable legislation passed well within earshot of public clamor—they listened. With [&hellip
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NYFW: Neighbors Cry Foul Over Takeover of Neighborhood Park

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By Megan Bungeroth For designers, buyers, reporters, photographers and clothes-conscious consumers the world over, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week conjures images of the latest and greatest designs paraded around in a swirl of parties and publicity. For residents of the area surrounding Fashion Week’s Lincoln Center home, however, the event conjures headaches, concerns over safety and anger [&hellip
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