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East Side Crime Watch

Written by Megan Finnegan Bungeroth on . Posted in Breaking News, Crime Watch Our Town, Crime Watch Our Town Downtown, Our Town

Impersonating Swindler Preys on Elderly A man is wanted by police on charges of grand larceny after a woman says he tricked her out of $9,000. A 91-year-old woman reported that last Tuesday, she received a phone call at home from a man claiming to be a police officer investigating the distribution of counterfeit bills. [&hellip
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Correcting Delancey

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2012-02-delancey-slides-4 After a water main broke on Delancey Street early Tuesday morning, Feb. 14, the thoroughfare was an unfamiliar sight. Aside from the pools of brown-tinged water that collected on the road—and were at one point reportedly 3 feet high—the street, largely closed off to traffic, was vacant of cars with the exception of some Fire [&hellip
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Right-Hemisphere for Options: Brain Controlled Computing with NeuroSky

Written by Carib Guerra on . Posted in Breaking News, Technology

minorityreport So Minority Report came out in 2002 and everybody got stoked on how Tom Cruise was controlling that computer with nothing but exaggerated hand gestures and that squinty brow of his. Well screw that! Brain-Computer Interface, guys! Let’s not beat around the science bush here and just come out with it: these things let you [&hellip
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Quinn's State of the City Address

Written by Megan Finnegan Bungeroth on . Posted in Breaking News, News Our Town, News Our Town Downtown, News West Side Spirit, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, Politics, West Side Spirit

In a sweeping and ambitious State of the City speech on Thursday, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn zeroed in on jobs, housing and education, promising new programs and city and state cooperation to pass laws that will enable them. “We need to tap into the power of our communities,” Quinn said in her speech. “We [&hellip
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Neighborhood Chatter

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LOWER MANHATTAN J&R JR. STORE OPENS Alliance for Downtown New York President Elizabeth Berger joined J&R Co-CEOs Joe and Rachelle Friedman and their son, J&R Executive Vice President Jason Friedman, to celebrate the launch of the new J&R Jr. store this Monday, Feb. 13. The new location, conceived of by Jason Friedman, is a 15,000-square-foot [&hellip
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West Side Notes From the Neighborhood

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Compiled by Megan Bungeroth Marriage Affirmation for V-Day If you’d like to step away from the romantic-comedy drivel tossed around every February and instead celebrate real, lasting love, take heart in knowing that five long-married senior couples will be renewing their marriage vows on Valentine’s Day this year. Goddard Riverside Senior Center is hosting a [&hellip
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Scrap Metal Bandits Hit News Boxes

Written by West Side Spirit on . Posted in Breaking News

By Allen Houston and Sean Creamer The Upper West Side’s newspaper boxes are under assault by a group of pernicious scrap metal bandits. In January 2012, the West Side Spirit had 17 of its metal boxes stolen from locations between 59th and 96th Street on the West Side. AM New York was even more heavily hit, losing 70 [&hellip
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