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Unlikely Victims of the Proposed Soda Ban Speak Out

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DSC_0668 Council member Rosie Mendez hears business owners’ concerns over ‘arbitrary’ law By Paul Bisceglio Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on sales of large sugary beverages has kept city politicians and soft-drink industry officials buzzing all summer. Last week, however, City Council Member Rosie Mendez took a walk downtown to talk to people whose opinions on [&hellip
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Soda Ban Debate Sees Its First Action

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Proponents and opponents voice their opinion regarding Bloomberg’s unique proposal The debate over Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban raged on Tuesday, having started at 1 p.m. but lasting over 80 minutes past its initial expected ending time, the New York Times reports. Representatives from the board of health, union advocates, consumer advocates, health experts politicians, even a [&hellip
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Coalition Against Soda Ban Trying To Amass Support

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Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons Brooklyn flooded with picketers voicing opposition against Bloomberg proposal More contention against Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban bloomed again this weekend, as the New Yorkers for Beverage Choices hit the sands of Brooklyn this weekend in effort to voice their opinion. Members of the coalition, along with supports of the coalition’s efforts, canvassed along Coney [&hellip
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