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CB7 Grills DOT on Columbus Avenue Bike Lane Extension

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Manhattan Community Board 7’s Transportation Committee held a public hearing last week on the proposed expansion of Columbus Avenue’s bike lane. The city’s Department of Transportation hopes to stretch the path from West 59th to 110th streets, more than doubling its current length from West 77th to 96th streets. Upper West Siders for and against [&hellip
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City sued over NYU

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JonathanSpringer_TAB3627 Ten Things to Know About the Lawsuit Against NYU’s 2031 Expansion Plan By Tatiana Baez The city is facing costly criticism for its recent approval of New York University’s expansion plan, dubbed NYU 2031. Eleven groups and several individuals opposing the development filed a lawsuit against the City Planning Commission and the City Council. The [&hellip
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Imagining Greenwich Village in 2031

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James KelleherIMG_9441 Residents, politicians, activists envision impact of NYU’s long-term expansion plan New York University scored a key victory last week as the City Council approved a slightly scaled back version of the school’s controversial 2031 expansion plan. While the project was pared down, it will still add close to 6 million square feet of academic space [&hellip
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Opponents to Approved N.Y.U. Expansion Plan Tossed out of City Hall, Considering Next Step

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nyu By Paul Bisceglio   “Chin and Quinn did us in!” jeered over 50 opponents to New York University’s expansion plan from a balcony overlooking City Council’s chamber. “Shame on you!” Greenwich Village residents, community activists and N.Y.U. professors filled the chamber to capacity yesterday to witness the full City Council’s final vote to approve hotly [&hellip
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Full City Council Approves NYU Expansion, Promise Fight’s Just Begun

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Full City Council voted today, 44-1, to approve NYU’s modified expansion plan, despite continued community resistance. Speaker Christine Quinn called the modified plan significantly smaller than the original proposal and was satisfied with the outcome, reported WNYC. (by Alissa Fleck and Paul Bisceglio) The decrease in size from approximately 2 million square feet down to [&hellip
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NYU Sexton Plan Overwhelmingly Passes City Council Committees

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University makes modifications to plan, likely to be approved by full Council By Alissa Fleck NYU’s modified expansion plan is one step closer to fruition, much to the disappointment of staunchly opposed community members. The City Council’s Zoning Subcommittee and Land Use Committee voted back-to-back on Tuesday in overwhelming support of NYU’s expansion plan, with [&hellip
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City Council Hearing Over NYU Expansion Gets Heated

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JonathanSpringer_TAB3581 President John Sexton defends plan to the community, and city council members By Alissa Fleck City Council members struggled to quell boos, hisses, applause and chants at a hearing on the NYU expansion on Friday, June 29. Even Greenwich Village resident and actor Matthew Broderick showed up to voice an opinion on the controversial proposal; [&hellip
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Art Adverts Start a New Wave

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by Greg Solman Advertising strategies gearing up for next season take art out the wilderness. CityArts surveys the new media tacticians who bring Broadway shows, museums and other art venues to popular attention. Art and its patrons all benefit from millennial art advertising’s new tactical strategies. Part 1 of a two-part series. New Yorkers with [&hellip
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Washington Square Park’s Baby Hawks Take Flight

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A screenshot of the baby hawks By Paul Bisceglio And the eyases are off! Washington Square Park’s popular baby red-tailed hawk duo Boo and Scout fledged just after 8 p.m.on Monday to the delight of the area’s robust hawk-loving community. The 48- and 49-days-old siblings made their first flights within 10 minutes of each other from their nest outside the twelfth [&hellip
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Using Life Experience to Get Health Care Jobs

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NYU School of Continuing & Professional Studies Project. By Laura Shin Carmelita Blake is a clinical associate professor of health care management and the coordinator of health administration and health care management at NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. She spoke with Manhattan Media about education. What is health administration and health care management? What types of jobs do these programs lead [&hellip
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