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Mayor Michael Bloomberg: A history of insults

Written by Laura Nahmias on . Posted in Breaking News

Compared to some of the various acid barbs, odd gaffes and cruel-sounding quips Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been known to lob at humans, animals and the press corps, it seemed possibly out of proportion for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to walk out of a living wage legislation press conference after an attendee called the mayor “Pharaoh [&hellip
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Life-Long Extensions

Written by City Arts on . Posted in Arts & Film

Sylvie Guillem stretches out By Joel Lobenthal Even Sylvie Guillem’s not doing it anymore, so ballerinas everywhere can just put their legs down (a bit)—can’t they? That was one takeaway from Guillem’s concert at the Koch theater early this month, presented by the Joyce Theater Foundation. Now 47, Guillem put her pointe shoes back on [&hellip
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Mommie Un-Dearest

Written by Doug Strassler on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

Michael Esper and Linda Lavin shine in The Lyons By Doug Strassler Saying that Linda Lavin is the best thing about Nicky Silver’s The Lyons is akin to saying that the sun is the center of the universe. It’s both obvious and doesn’t really give a full picture of all of the other elements so [&hellip
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Everyone Came Dressed to See Bill Cunningham Honored

Written by Avenue Insider on . Posted in Lifestyle

Walking up to the Waldorf-Astoria in the downpour Monday night, between the rows of black umbrellas and hooded pedestrians bumping into each other in a rush to get somewhere dry, I spotted a giant, billowing pink dress emerge from a cab nearly a block away, a cotton candy confection even the rain couldn’t damper. It [&hellip
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New York Family: Made in the Shade

Written by New York Family on . Posted in Family

Why they call it ‘Mommy Porn’ By A. C. Mayman I first heard about THE BOOK, very fittingly it turned out, during a mommies-only parenting class. A beautiful but shy lawyer looked at the floor, turned fifty shades of red, and said, “It’s almost like … porn.” My Kindle was out of my bag and [&hellip
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Radical Discipline: James Brown bio gets on The One

Written by City Arts on . Posted in Arts & Film

By John Lingan Of course James Brown’s 1986 autobiography, The Godfather of Soul, begins outrageously: “I wasn’t supposed to be alive…I was a stillborn kid.” It’s a contradiction and a medical impossibility, but no bother. When Brown died on Christmas Day 2006, aged 73, he’d played more than 80 shows in the preceding year, many [&hellip
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