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Columbia Freshman Dies After Falling Out of 114th Street Building

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A Columbia student fell to her death from her dorm last night in what was originally reported as an accident but is now being treated as a possible suicide. Martha Corey-Ochoa, who was 18-years-old, fell from her 14th floor dorm around 11 p.m., reports Gothamist. The freshman’s dorm was on 114th Street in Manhattan. Columbia’s [&hellip
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Armond White: Knight Rises, Culture Falls

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Anne-Hathaway-in-The-Dark-Knight-Rises-300x177 How Internet fanaticism over The Dark Knight Rises overtakes film culture Already, The Dark Knight Rises has caused movie media to embarrass itself. Those front page headlines in both the Daily News (four stars) and New York Post (four stars) are heralds of film journalism’s decline into boosterism. It’s happened before and will happen again. [&hellip
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City Shooting Spikes and Heat Waves: Is There a Connection?

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Two are dead and six were wounded in shootings in the Bronx and Queens this past Sunday. These primarily drug-related shootings follow a long streak of summer violence, including a 3-year-old being struck with a stray bullet. The weekend following the Fourth of July saw seven deaths and 21 injuries from shootings and stabbing violence, [&hellip
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Former Mayor Ed Koch Gets Misquoted

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Koch-150x150 The eminently quotable former Mayor Ed Koch found his words at the center of a controversy today. As Buzzfeed reported, conservative Catholic League president Bill Donohue sent some intense emails recently to Shalom Center Director Rabbi Arthur Waskow, threatening the Rabbi over an article he wrote in the Huffington Post in which he criticized the [&hellip
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Cell Phone Storage Companies Profit While Students Hurt

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Is there a better target for robbery than a shady van filled with thousands of cellphones? That’s just one complication that arises when considering the city’s perplexing cell phone storage procedure for high school students. Cell phones are banned in city schools—probably with good reason—but students who attend schools with metal detectors, and want cellphones [&hellip
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Andrew Cuomo’s Life Worthy of a Novel: From the Post to Vanity Fair, writers are rushing to tell the story of our governor

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chartock By Alan S. Chartock Everybody knows you can’t run for president without writing a book. As my mom used to say, “They’re all doing it now.” Many of the new political books are about Andrew Cuomo. In fact, Cuomo himself is writing a book, and a New York Post columnist and a writer for Vanity [&hellip
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An Unorthodox Rebellion: How Deborah Feldman left her community and found her voice

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As 25-year-old Deborah Feldman slides into a booth at an Upper East Side restaurant, wearing a trendy leather jacket and knitted blue sweater, it is difficult to imagine the path she took to get to this exact point in her life, a journey she details in her debut memoir, Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My [&hellip
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1st Amendment Helps NYPD Journalist Clear His Name

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A NY Post review of Levitt's 2009 "NYPD Confidential" sparked legal action Accused Journalist cleared of Defamation Charges Brought on by NYPD Officer by Mike Vidafar   Len Levitt, a reporter who wrote the column “One Police Plaza” for Newsday from 1995-2005, was cleared of defamation charges on Mar. 22, 2012. The allegations, brought on by Port Authority Police Officer Francis Pisano, began in 2009, when a [&hellip
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Townhouse Sets Real Estate Record

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Is the New York City real estate market picking up? The New York Post’s Jennifer Gould Keil reports that a new Upper West Side record has been set with the purchase of a $19.3 million townhouse on West 76th Street, off Central Park West
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