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Neighborhood Chatter: Fulton Street Center Station Receives Funding Boost

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The MTA received a welcome surprise March 30 when it was announced that the state’s 2012-2013 budget awarded them a robust $770 million toward the MTA’s capital plan. The allocation of funds, according to a release by State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, will allow the continued construction of both the Second Avenue subway line and [&hellip
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Subway Fares Likely to Rise in 2013

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Courtesy of Dan Levy When representatives for the MTA were summoned to a New York City Council Transportation Committee Hearing on Tuesday, Mar. 6, officials had hoped to learn how the transit authority plans to spend its money over the next two years. And while some may have held out hope for improvements to the City’s subways and buses, [&hellip
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Neighborhood Chatter: 9.8.11

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LOWER EAST SIDE: EVACUATION SUCCESS STORY Aixa Torres, Alfred E. Smith Houses Tenant Association president, is a good person to have around in an emergency situation. In the days of preparation for Hurricane Irene, Torres successfully coordinated the evacuation of 90 percent of the Smith residents. The housing complex, located on the Lower East Side, [&hellip
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Subway Cuts Don’t Block this Advocate’s Vision

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Albert’s push for service improvements runs express By Megan Finnegan Andrew Albert has a vision for the future of New York City transit. As the chairman of the Transit Riders Council and the representative from that committee to the MTA board, he knows what straphangers need most and also how the MTA can best bring [&hellip
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In Wake of Subway Stabbing, Concerns About Crime on Public Transit

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In a blast from the not-so-fondly-remembered past, violent gang activity spilled out of Central Park into Manhattan subway stations last week, with one of the teens involved in the altercation getting stabbed. According to the New York Post, the trouble began when one gang confronted another in Central Park. One group fled, heading down into [&hellip
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