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Subway Tragedies Spark Outrage from Politicians

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Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer wants answers after a recent spike in deaths, injuries By Caroline Lewis A man jumped onto the subway tracks as an R train came hurtling toward the platform at the Fourth Avenue-Ninth Street Station in Park Slope on Sunday morning. The man was taken to the hospital and remained in [&hellip
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Tapped In: MTA; River Ferry Service; Endorsement; Red Hook

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ferry Compiled by Jessica Mastronardi and Paul Bisceglio MTA TO RAISE FARES The Metropolitan Transportation Authority unanimously voted to raise fares on the city’s trains, buses, bridges and tunnels last Wednesday, Dec. 19. The new rates, which will go into effect in March, include a 25-cent increase on base subway and bus fares (up to $2.50), [&hellip
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Letters to the Editor: Good Bargain; Common Sense

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letters GOOD BARGAIN? To the Editor: Anyone having recently ridden on the 1956 vintage Manhattan 42nd Street cross-town bus had a great trip down memory lane. It was a time when bus drivers had to make change and drive at the same time. No one dared bring any food on the bus or leave any litter [&hellip
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Tapped In: City Bus Grades, YMCA Drive, East River Boat Repairs, Free Christmas Gala

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No_School_Today GRADES FOR CITY BUSES City Council Member Jessica Lappin introduced a resolution to the Council on Monday that calls for a letter-grading system for buses. Like restaurant grading, Lappin’s measure would rate individual bus lines from A (excellent) to F (terrible) based on criteria like cleanliness, timeliness and seat availability. The idea for bus ratings [&hellip
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Tapped In: Town Hall Meeting, Winter Concert, City Bus Grades, Stringer Seeks Board

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No_School_Today COUNCILMEMBER BREWER TO HOST TOWN HALL MEETING City Council Member Gale Brewer will host a town hall meeting for Upper West Side and Clinton residents on Tuesday, Dec. 18. The meeting will be an open forum for community members to speak to elected officials about quality of life issues in the neighborhood and to ask [&hellip
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Neighborhood Chatter

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Frankie Quinney puts the finishing touches on raising the Big Top tent for the Big Apple Circus in Lincoln Center. Tickets go on sale this week for the circus’s all-new, 34th season production, Legendarium! LAPPIN DEMANDS RETURN OF TRASH CANS A month ago, the MTA brought a pilot program intended to curb trash and litter in the subway to the East 57th Street F station. The program, which removed trash cans at eight stations around the city in an effort to reduce the frequency of refuse pick-ups and deter [&hellip
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