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Victims of Storm Need Epic Help

Written by Bette Dewing on . Posted in Opinion West Side Spirit

images (1) ALL OF US MUST PITCH IN AND DO OUR PART FOR THOSE MOST AFFECTED By Bette Dewing I’m with those who feel official help with this epic hurricane has not been epic enough. It sure would help if the unaffected were exposed to Nova’s Pulitzer-worthy documentary “Inside the Superstorm,” which I so providentially caught when [&hellip
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Take My Mandate, For Example. No Seriously, Take It.

Written by Megan Finnegan Bungeroth on . Posted in Editorial, NY Press Exclusive, Opinion and Column

flickr-6685602103-original As soon as Fox commentators began throwing temper tantrums the networks and news outlets starting calling the presidential race for Obama last night, Republicans jumped in to assure us that while he may have won, he certainly shouldn’t take this as a sign that people wanted to him to win, or anything. Don’t get carried [&hellip
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Romney’s Mistaken Clinton Calculation

Written by NY Press on . Posted in Politics

CW website pic By Clyde Williams When I started this piece I found myself writing the same story everyone else has about the emergence of President Clinton as the star of the 2012 election cycle. His incredible Democratic convention speech made the arguments on behalf of President Obama better than the candidate himself – leaving pundits speechless and [&hellip
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The Underdog: An American Love Story

Written by NY Press on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

underdog3 By Courtney Romano America loves the underdog story. We want to hear how out of the most improbable of circumstances rose the greatest of victors. This is an American story: to find glory in the dimmest chances. We see it play out in presidential politics, in the very founding of our country, in literature, music, [&hellip
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How Romney-Ryan Plans Would Hurt NY Seniors

Written by NY Press on . Posted in Opinion and Column, Opinion Our Town, Opinion West Side Spirit, Our Town, West Side Spirit

CW website pic By Clyde Williams We have now had two presidential debates, and the issue of healthcare has been front and center. In New York, nearly 40 percent of the entire state budget is spent on healthcare—and it’s rising every year. It’s clear that our economy won’t be competitive unless we figure out how to improve the [&hellip
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Tapped In

Written by Megan Finnegan Bungeroth on . Posted in Notes From the Neighborhood west side spirit, West Side Spirit

Photo by Matthieu Aubry, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons. RATS INVADE  SUPERMARKET The blog My Upper West reported on the second vermin sighting in the Upper West Side Fairway Market in recent weeks. Earlier, the blog posted a video of rats scurrying through the aisles, and Fairway’s management responded that they were addressing the rodent problem. But on Sept. 26, another alert customer captured [&hellip
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How and Where to Watch the Republican National Convention in NYC

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Blog, NY Press Exclusive, Uncategorized

The opening night of the GOP Convention in Tampa may have been canceled due to inclement weather, but it takes a lot more than bad weather to keep New Yorkers from coming out to cheer, boo or be entirely indifferent to national political happenings. Below are a couple ways to engage your political sensibilities this [&hellip
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An Act of Political Hara-Kiri

Written by NY Press on . Posted in Opinion and Column, Opinion Our Town, Opinion West Side Spirit, Our Town, Politics, West Side Spirit

Alan Chartock. Photo courtesy of To understand what he did and why he did it, you have to understand the realities of elections. Since about half the eligible people don’t bother to vote in presidential elections, the name of the game is to get your voters to turn out. When Romney chose Ryan he was offering a huge incentive for [&hellip
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Protesters Show Up Outside Romney Hamptons Fundraiser, Condemn His “Koch Problem”

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Blog, Politics

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney appeared at three private fundraising events in the Hamptons this past weekend, raising a total of approximately $3 million, and causing quite a stir among protesters. Billionaire David Koch hosted one of these notable fundraisers at his shorefront home, reports ABC News. Oil tycoon Koch has come to be known as [&hellip
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Q&A With Meghan McCain: The Outspoken McCain on Mitt Romney and Never Dating a Liberal

Written by NY Press on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

meghan mccain By Angela Barbuti Last Fourth of July, Meghan McCain brought Michael Ian Black home to Arizona to meet her parents. McCain, 27, a single Republican, and Black, 40, a married Democrat, decided to tour the country together to see how the two political camps can get along. They survived surprisingly well and lived to tell [&hellip
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