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Solving the Fur, Faux and Real, Dilemma

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fur By Laura Shanahan Would you rather go naked than wear fur, as per the models in the famous anti-fur ad campaign? (I always had a problem with that question: Does it have to be either/or? Can’t I just choose to wear, y’know, regular clothes?) Well, whether you wouldn’t dream of wearing fur—or dream of wearing [&hellip
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Resolutions for the City

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Chinatown: Stop letting the other ’hoods use me. If they don’t want to meet for dim sum during the day, then they can take their club beats elsewhere at night. And tell Nolita to quit invading my space.Photo by Christopher Schoenbohm Don’t worry about the fact that you’ve already ditched your resolutions, and focus on helping New York City’s neighborhoods keep theirs. Look at you, New York! I hardly recognize this group of non-smoking, exercising, healthy-eating and organized individuals. What happened? You used to be fun. Interesting, at least. The truth is, if everyone in New [&hellip
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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Pick-Pockets

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The holidays are here, which for New York means bright lights, big sales, streets crowded with shoppers—and pickpockets. In recent years, the city has seen a Christmas-time spike in covert phone- and wallet-snatchers, who slip their hands into unsuspecting commuters’ bags and pockets on crowded buses, trains and streets. “It’s that time of year. This [&hellip
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Hurricane Sandy Survivors: Dispatches From The “Dead Zone”

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The controversy over canceling the New York City marathon this weekend does not merely extend to the dangers posed for runners by downed power lines and flooding throughout the city — it also has to do with displaced residents of downtown Manhattan who just want to go home in peace. For those who can’t go [&hellip
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The Sinkhole That Swallowed Bay Ridge Street Not the First the City Has Seen

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Photo of the Bar Ridge Sinkhole by Twitter user @gazawia When she left to walk the dog yesterday afternoon, Maddie Flood found something unusual in the middle of the street outside her Bay Ridge home: an enormous hole. Flood and her mother Anette had just parked her car in front of the house five minutes ago. Now, it was teetering on the edge of a [&hellip
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Midtown Traffic Congestion Solution To Expand

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Midtown in Motion, a traffic system unveiled by Mayor Bloomberg and Department of Transportation (DOT) officials in July of last year, will be expanded due to its initial success in congestion reduction. The first phase of Midtown in Motion saw a 10 percent increase in travel speeds, the DOT announced in a press release yesterday. [&hellip
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Paramount Plaza’s Everyman

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Agron Osmani, 47, does the most important work of the day during a half-hour period. That’s when son Anvi, 14, and daughter Rudna, 11, get home from school and he has 30 minutes to spend with his family before heading off to work. By 5:15 p.m., Osmani must be in the Paramount Plaza, at 1633 [&hellip
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