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5 Oscar Snubs…and One Pleasant Mini-Surprise

Written by Doug Strassler on . Posted in Arts & Film, Film

thesessions The nominations for the 85th Academy Awards were unveiled earlier this morning, and largely went as foreseen. Whether you agree with me or not about thoughts like Silver Linings Playbook was too chaotic to be clever about family strife and mental illness, that Amour and Beasts of the Southern Wild were major, if esoteric, emotional triumphs, [&hellip
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Amour: Enduring Love in Any Language

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amour1 A series of unwanted guests creep into the orbit of Anne and George, a married couple of retired music teachers now in their 80s. There’s the criminal who tries to break into their handsomely lived-in Paris apartment early in Amour, Michael Haneke’s superlative mature new film. And there’s that pesky bird that keeps flying in [&hellip
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The White Ribbon

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Trendy filmmakers like apocalyptic messages that say the end is near. Austrian Michael Haneke, being an artiste, likes to tell us it’s already happened. His latest tale of post-apocalyptic purgatory, The White Ribbon, is set during a new millennium in a small Eastern European town where blond-haired townsfolk—including school-age kids who ought to be out [&hellip
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