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Armond White: Ridley Scott Hiccups Alien Fumes in Prometheus

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Now the Alien franchise becomes a Quintilogy–a purely market-driven neologism following the recent Blu-Ray boxset that labeled the first four Alien films not as a “Quartet” but a “Quadrilogy.” Prometheus is made with the same contempt for the public–as if anyone wanted or needed another repackaging of the sci-fi horror tale. Even the 1979 original [&hellip
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Tensions Remain High in Steve McQueen’s Shame

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By Noah Wunsch “We’re not bad people, we just come from a bad place,” says Brandon’s sister Sissy, and in that line lies the psyche of Steve McQueen’s latest film Shame. Brandon, played by McQueen favorite Michael Fassbender, is an attractive, successful, charming, self-hating sex addict. He needs it. Loathes it. Loves it. Torments himself [&hellip
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