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Edward I. Koch: ‘I Don’t Do Cinematography’

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If Martians landed on our planet and demanded I teach them what a New Yorker is, I’d go no further than show them the hours and hours of videotape of Edward I. Koch jousting at press conferences in the 1980s and defiantly marching across the Brooklyn Bridge during the 1980 transit strike and his more [&hellip
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Who Wants to be Mayor?

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top_012913 By Morgan Pehme For the first time since 2000, the mayoralty of New York City will be an open seat, and there are a lot of people grabbing for it. Depending on how you count the candidates—most are still technically undeclared—there are at least a dozen hopefuls vying for the job, and possibly as many [&hellip
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NYC’s Bike Share Program Delayed

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Via Citi Bike By Paul Bisceglio Where are all the bikes? New Yorkers expected to see 7,000 more of them at this point in the summer, but now Citi Bike, the city’s new bike share program, has been delayed for unspecified reasons. Mayor Michael Bloomberg confirmed in a radio interview on Friday that the city was unsure of [&hellip
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Happy Internet Week: Update on the First Two Days

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Following the sleepy-faced 7:30am curtain call David-Michel Davies, founder of the Webby Awards and cofounder of Internet Week itself, gave a quick hello and passed the mic to New York City’s Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne. The work that Sterne has been doing in partnerships with the local tech community is a large part of [&hellip
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Adam Lisberg, Editor of City and State (a Manhattan Media publication)

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The mayoral race will stay largely quiet. Just as the rumors always swirl about a business-backed would-be Bloomberg jumping in as a Republican, rumors will also swirl about a black or Latino challenger to try to undercut Bill Thompson among Democrat primary voters. Neither will happen. The existing major candidates have worked too hard, scrubbed [&hellip
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Four More Years

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg celebrates his reelection on Nov. 3. The contest was much closer than pollsters had predicted, with the mayor earning a 5-point victory over Democratic contender William Thompson. Democrats Bill de Blasio (public advocate) and John Liu (comptroller), however, crushed their GOP opponents. And Council members Jessica Lappin and Dan Garodnick cruised to [&hellip
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General Election Picks

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Mayor: Michael Bloomberg As we mentioned back in September, the key to governing the city at this critical juncture is nursing a more diverse economy back to health while maintaining and building on the gains of recent years in education, business, public safety and the vibrant culture that defines New York City. We think Mayor [&hellip
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Primary Day Is Over, But Races Continue

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The primary election was in some ways a sleepy affair, with only 10 percent of the city’s voters turning out. Comptroller Bill Thompson, as expected, won the Democratic Party’s nomination for mayor handily, with 70 percent of the vote, according to unofficial returns. But two citywide races will now have run-off elections between the top [&hellip
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Election Cheat Sheet

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During the past few months, these papers have provided ongoing coverage of the various candidates vying for office this fall, as well as overviews of the mayor’s race focused on a different topic each month. To help readers before they head to the polls on Sept. 15, we’ve created a simplified roundup for each candidate [&hellip
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