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Neighborhood Chatter

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poopscoop Citywide Despite Mayor, City Council Passes Living Wage Bill   On Monday, April 30, the City Council—despite criticism by Mayor Michael Bloomberg—successfully passed the Living Wage Bill. While several cities across the country have passed similar legislation, the mayor has previously said he would veto the bill should it pass, saying it stymies job growth. [&hellip
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Smoking Mad About the Neighbors

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Bloomberg takes his anti-cigarette campaign right into your co-op Their selfishness literally seeps through the vents into our apartments. Oh, sure, I believe people have a legal right to smoke in their homes—if they keep their smoke within the confines of their apartments. That rarely happens. So let’s think about a great big new in-the-apartment [&hellip
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Bloomberg Snuffs New Living Wage Bill

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bloomberg Fulfilling his promise, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has vetoed the first of two bills proposed by the City Council that would raise wages for hundreds of workers. The so-called living wage bill was a watered down version of the same bill proposed last year. The latest draft would force companies that receive $1 million or more [&hellip
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UNION SQUARE NEW ADDITION TO UNION SQUARE PARTNERSHIP  Felicia Tunnah, former assistant vice president of the Downtown Alliance, has joined the Union Square Partnership as its director of economic development and special projects. As the new director, Tunnah will create programs to promote retail and commercial activity in the area and enhance the streetscape around [&hellip
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Movement Remains Despite Cleanup

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Nearly two days shy of its two-month anniversary, the encampment at Zuccotti Park dubbed Occupy Wall Street (OWS) was cleared out by members of the New York Police Department in the early morning hours of Tuesday, Nov. 15. At a press conference later in the day, Mayor Michael Bloomberg noted that health and safety concerns [&hellip
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La MaMa Throws Itself a Gala 50th Birthday and the Theater Community Helps

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By Wickham Boyle La MaMa Experimental Theater Club and its founder, the marvelous, mercurial Ellen Stewart—well, if you know them, they need no introduction. It’s like saying “Thomas Edison” and “electricity.” But if you don’t, here are the Cliff’s Notes. Stewart was a hopeful African-American fashion design student who came from Chicago to New York [&hellip
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Senate Candidates Get Endorsements

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By Dan Rivoli Democrats in the race to succeed State Sen. Eric Schneiderman recently won endorsements. Assembly Member Adriano Espaillat got the backing of his ally, Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg, who is unaffiliated with any party after dumping the GOP, cited Espaillat’s independence in Albany
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