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Program Finds Seniors Ripe for Healthy Fresh Food

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By Amanda Woods For some senior citizens on the Upper West Side, it may be difficult to take a trip to the Greenmarket and buy a few days’ supply of fruits and vegetables. With this in mind, Council Member Gale Brewer launched “Grow Green, Age Well” to help connect the elderly to locally produced healthy [&hellip
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Activists Rally Bronx Residents to Fight Stop-and-Frisk

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Photo by longislandwins. Photo courtesy of Flickr Commons. Stop and Frisk has long divided New Yorkers who disagree over what constitutes appropriate policing strategies in the protection of city streets from violent crime. In some neighborhoods where these practices are nothing short of commonplace, activists are as fired up as ever in their efforts to reform local law enforcement.   The polarizing Stop [&hellip
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Bloomberg Downsizing on Automobile Speeds: 13 Nabes Approved For Traffic Calming So Far

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More than 100 neighborhoods around New York City have applied for “traffic calming measures,” according to a statement issued by Transportation Alternatives, after Mayor Bloomberg unveiled his new “slow zone” program. The Department of Transportation has so far granted 13 safe zones, which reduce the speed limit in designated neighborhood areas from 30 mph to [&hellip
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The Humor in Soda Ban Protest “Escapes” Bloomberg

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“The humor kind of escapes [him],” Mayor Bloomberg says of the “Million Big Gulp March” in protest of his proposed soda ban. This weekend New Yorkers for Beverage Choices took to the streets to urge Bloomberg to let them put what they want into their bodies. Bloomberg referenced obesity and obesity-related deaths in the City, [&hellip
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Tapped In

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NeighborhoodChatter Compiled by Megan Bungeroth and Jon Lentz Espaillat Eyes Senate & Concedes to Rangel City & State reports that State Sen. Adriano Espaillat, who conceded defeat on Monday in his contested primary race against Rep. Charles Rangel, declined to say whether he would run for re-election to the state Senate. But Espaillat signaled that he [&hellip
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Coalition Against Soda Ban Trying To Amass Support

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Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons Brooklyn flooded with picketers voicing opposition against Bloomberg proposal More contention against Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban bloomed again this weekend, as the New Yorkers for Beverage Choices hit the sands of Brooklyn this weekend in effort to voice their opinion. Members of the coalition, along with supports of the coalition’s efforts, canvassed along Coney [&hellip
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Soda Companies Combat Bloomberg’s Soda Ban

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New New Yorkers of Beverages Choice made to promote soft drink freedom It was welcomed by many New Yorkers when it was brought to our attention in May, but Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to restrict the purveyance of 16 oz. sodas has, with no surprise, angered soda companies, movie theaters, and restaurants. Major companies like Pepsi-Cola and [&hellip
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New McCarren Park Pool Having Problems With Fighting, Thievery

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The park prior to renovations - photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Fight and thieves bringing negative reactions to the newly-renovated pool The newly reopened McCarren Park Pool is having a few problems more severe than the occasional toddler screaming. The park, amidst an array of criminal problems, was shut down for the second time since its $50 million opening last Thursday, The Huffington Postreports. After a [&hellip
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