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Beauty vs. Beastliness

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Michael Douglas as Liberace in Behind the Candelabra. Soderbergh’s Liberace pic confuses sympathy with politics From the actors’ perspective, Behind the Candelabra looks like a compassionate portrayal of the pianist and singer Liberace‘s relationship with Scott Thorson. The older established celebrity’s involvement with a younger man, masked for the public from 1977 to Liberace’s death in 1987, gets exposed here as an example [&hellip
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Frick or Frack?

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VAN SANT AND DAMON’S PROMISED PROPAGANDA Gus Van Sant must really be out of imagination (or horniness) to make the drab, politically slanted Promised Land. That’s two phony films in a row for Gus, following the 2010 Restless. Promised Land takes on the fracking controversy about drilling for gas in underground shale deposits, using Gus’ [&hellip
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By Armond White Too bad the trailer for Hereafter doesn’t reveal how grindingly torpid this movie is. It opens with a CGI action scene in which Marie (Cécile de France), a French woman vacationing in South East Asia, is killed when her resort is swamped by a tidal wave. After she revives, the death experience [&hellip
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Inside Job

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By Armond White For those who missed that unexpected satirical graphics lecture on the current recession that capped Adam McKay’s The Other Guys, Inside Job is the next best thing. With entertaining clarity, writer-director Charles Ferguson explains what caused the recession that began September 15, 2008. Not a comic like McKay, Ferguson seriously chronicles the [&hellip
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Bourne a Spy

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Green Zone comes from the British production company Working Title and English director Paul Greengrass, but it stars American actor Matt Damon and represents the new phenomenon of homegrown Anti-Americanism. Playing off their profitable Bourne Conspiracy/Ultimatum film series, Greengrass and Damon concoct a Bush-bashing action movie that (way-late into Obama’s first term and continuance of [&hellip
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