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Battle of the Andersons

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CA-Resident Evil Retribution Resident Evil has fun with 3D, The Master makes fun of religion Compare the unoriginal use of 3D in Hugo–standard diorama compositions with objects poking out toward the viewer–to Paul W.S. Anderson’s astonishingly lively 3D compositions in Resident Evil: Retribution where heroine Alice (Milla Jovovich) fights the Umbrella Corporation’s viral experiments that produced a plague turning mankind into zombies. Anderson’s images [&hellip
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Tribeca Film’s Unveils Keanu Reeves Doc About the Effects of the Digital Revolution on Cinema

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Movie theater. Photo by Fin Fahey. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Technological advances have always driven major changes in the art of film making, from the coming of sound to the development of computer animation. But could the digital age render film itself irrelevant? Tribeca Film is tackling this question through a series online of video clips exploring the new documentary Side by Side. The documentary, [&hellip
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Armond White: Margaret’s DVD and Dust Bunnies Attempt to Rescue the Elite

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by Armond White Margaret’s DVD and Dust Bunnies attempt to rescue the elite Advance word on the DVD release of Kenneth Lonergan’s film Margaret hailed it as a “masterpiece” yet no one calls it a good movie because it isn’t even that. It’s the latest event from our era’s perverse herd mentality. A group of media cronies with [&hellip
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How Unique Got Ordinary

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Hugo is Scorsese’s fantasy autobiography By Armond White As a children’s film, Martin Scorsese’s Hugo is overwrought and under-thought. Its story of Hugo (Asa Butterfield), an orphaned boy who lives in a Paris train station where he surreptitiously maintains the clock mechanisms, suggests a fantasy autobiography. He wants to think of himself as a child [&hellip
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Shutter to Think

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Why is Martin Scorsese using CGI cadavers, mountain cliffs and rainstorms in Shutter Island? Before he became resident window-dresser for the Leonardo DiCaprio boutique, Scorsese looked like an artist. Now, every film he has directed since hitching himself to DiCaprio has been overweening (Gangs of New York), purposeless (The Aviator) and unoriginal (The Departed). Those [&hellip
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