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Walker’s Eatery Takes a Walk in Italian in Tribeca

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By Penny Grey The owners of Walker’s, Tribeca’s favorite neighborhood eatery at the corner of North Moore and Varick streets, are rolling out an Italian alternative to their American fare next door at the new pizzeria Girello (“Walker” in Italian, posing a potential confusion for the multilingual). “This is a real departure for us,” said [&hellip
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Notable New Yorkers Reveal Their Sacred City Spots

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By Emily Thomas “Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice in the classic children’s story by Lewis Carroll. The well-known phrase became an adage for 9-year-old Jeryl Brunner when she wandered into Central Park and discovered the sculpture of Alice atop a bronze mushroom reaching for the White Rabbit’s pocketwatch. “I remember looking at the statue and [&hellip
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Artificial Stars

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By Veronica Hogland Tuesday night, members of the art community gathered to see the Windmill Factory’s debut project “Reflecting the Stars,” created by Jon Morris. Attendees sipped cocktails and listened to speeches from members involved in the piece. The installation, which is located on Pier 49 off the Hudson River, will be  open to the [&hellip
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A Weekend of Urban Exploration: OHNY opens up city’s best architectural sights

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OHNY opens up city’s best architectural sights Inspired by similar architectural tours in his hometown, Londoner Scott Lauer started openhousenewyork (OHNY) in 2002 with roughly 80 sites sprinkled throughout the city. The weekend-long event, this year taking place Saturday, Oct. 15 and Sunday, Oct. 16, has exploded to include almost 200 spaces in all five [&hellip
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The Grey Dog Moves Out

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Owners say lease disputes force the doors to shut at neighborhood café By Mccamey Lynn The Grey Dog, a fixture of the West Village coffeehouse scene for over a decade, will be closing its doors on Sunday, Oct. 16. Lease disputes with their landlord have forced brothers David Ethan and Peter Adrian to pack up [&hellip
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Cuomo’s Colonial Island

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By Megan Finnegan Locals up in arms over appointment of nonresident to operating board “I’ve lived here all my life and I no longer consider myself a New Yorker,” said Matthew Katz as he strolled along the East River on a recent sunny day. “I consider myself a Roosevelt Islander.&#
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A Lighting Fast Fix

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As a little boy, Juan Pichardo loved to watch his father make repairs on their home in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Whether it was a quick fix or detailed electrical work, he was fascinated by it all. Decades later, Pichardo now considers those formative moments with his father the beginning of his life’s calling. An assistant superintendent [&hellip
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I turned 50 last week, and when friends ask the inevitable, “How are you coping?” I can’t help thinking that I started to embrace my new age about a year ago, with the purchase of an unlikely accessory. “You look like an old lady,” my son said. “Hmmm. Not sure,” my fashion-conscious daughter cocked her [&hellip
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