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One Language Disappears Every 14 Days, New York City Plays an Unforeseen Role

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by Alissa Fleck In its series “Vanishing Voices,” National Geographic reports one language dies every fourteen days. By the next century, the magazine predicts, half of the 7,000 languages spoken on Earth will be gone altogether. Small communities are increasingly abandoning their native languages in favor of the much more widely-spoken English, Spanish and Mandarin. [&hellip
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Can Your Toddler Speak Chinese?

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Sharon Huang was working in New York City and living in New Jersey when she began looking around for a Mandarin immersion program for her soon-to-be born twins. “I knew there were some out there, but I realized there wasn’t one in New Jersey,” she said. “I thought with Chinese becoming such an important language, [&hellip
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