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Don’t Do As I Do, Manhattan Matchmaker Says

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E-Amy Laurent Author Photo Amy Laurent on her new book and TV show, Miss Advised By Beth Mellow On the rocky road to love, many of us are guilty of getting emotionally attached too quickly, drunk texting at 2 a.m. or letting an undeserving ex back into our lives. In the hopes of becoming smarter daters and finding “the [&hellip
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Little Sheba Comes Back

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‘Darling Companion’s fetching marriages The bucolic look of Lawrence Kasdan’s Darling Companion is an indication of its fine sensibility. Kasdan evokes the natural, wooded landscape of Alfred Hitchcock’s idiosyncratic comedy The Trouble with Harry. The colors here are not autumnal nor quite as vibrant, yet Kasdan affects a similar tone of respite. His three harried [&hellip
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Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

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By Kristine Keller Despite universal notions and theories, at the end of the day, attraction remains idiosyncratic to the individual. Often, this works to a romantic’s benefit—you need only people watch in the Big Apple to validate the “there’s somebody for everyone” saying. When it comes to attraction, our body’s reaction is often the most [&hellip
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Puppy Love

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Several years ago, Sheryl Matthys noticed that it was much easier to meet people when accompanied by her 11-and-a-half-year-old greyhound, Shiraz. These conversations with other dog lovers during her walks on the streets of New York led her to start a series of “Leashes and Lovers” events that she has been hosting since 2003 all [&hellip
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