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Atlas New York’s All-Star Amenities

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Project Runway’s Season 11 debuted Thursday, Jan. 24, once again highlighting Atlas New York, the upscale, modern rental building in the heart of the Garment District that has become an iconic landmark for the show much like The New School or Mood Fabrics. Project Runway contestants are no strangers to Atlas; the building’s owner and [&hellip
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Rebellious LA Artist Causes Stir in Photography

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Art or prank? Joe Deutch blows himself up by Valerie Gladstone Los Angeles artist Joe Deutch has caused quite a stir. He was reprimanded at UCLA as a grad student for going before his class and playing Russian roulette, actually loading a gun and shooting himself in the head. Unhurt, he left the room and [&hellip
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Cinematic Royalty: Film Becomes Autobiography in Mathieu Demy’s Debut Americano

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americano1 Americano is a movie haunted by parents. In his feature debut, Mathieu Demy – son of directors Jacques Demy and Agnès Varda – directed, wrote, and stars in this film as Martin, a stunted Frenchman who must travel back to Los Angeles following the death of his estranged mother. Stuck at a crossroads in his [&hellip
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CB1 Supports Living Wage

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Last week, Community Board 1, serving Lower Manhattan, joined four other local community boards in supporting the Living Wage Bill, or Fair Wages for New Yorkers Act. CB1 passed a formal resolution for the bill during their full board meeting last Wednesday, Dec. 21. As explained in  the resolution, the bill would require employees in [&hellip
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The Marriage of Romance and Frugality

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By Attiyya Anthony Money and relationships are two things that are very dear to my heart. If you have money to spare, you are one of the select few. If you have a significant other, having low dividends can create its own headache. I, thankfully, attended college without meeting Sallie Mae, and I only hope [&hellip
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