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Soda Ban Debate Sees Its First Action

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Proponents and opponents voice their opinion regarding Bloomberg’s unique proposal The debate over Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban raged on Tuesday, having started at 1 p.m. but lasting over 80 minutes past its initial expected ending time, the New York Times reports. Representatives from the board of health, union advocates, consumer advocates, health experts politicians, even a [&hellip
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Mac Rogers’ Sovereign Makes for a Fantastic Theatrical Finale

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Photo by Deborah Alexander The post-Tonys summer haze is the time when New York theater tends to take a breather, with fewer high-profile openings until the fall. Quantity, however, has no bearing on quality, and with less competition for theatergoers’ dollars and time, there’s less excuse than ever not to go see Sovereign, Gideon Productions’ hidden gem currently playing [&hellip
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Mack to the Future

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August Schulenberg asks clever questions in Deinde Something wonderful is happening at the Secret Theater. Science fiction has taken over this Long Island City that’s begun to play host to a series of intellectually stimulating pulp theater, starting with Mac Rogers’ ongoing Honeycomb Trilogy with Gideon Productions there. Now, the provocative cyber-thriller Deinde joins the [&hellip
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