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Resolutions for the City

Written by Meredith Russo on . Posted in News Our Town Downtown, Our Town Downtown

Chinatown: Stop letting the other ’hoods use me. If they don’t want to meet for dim sum during the day, then they can take their club beats elsewhere at night. And tell Nolita to quit invading my space.Photo by Christopher Schoenbohm Don’t worry about the fact that you’ve already ditched your resolutions, and focus on helping New York City’s neighborhoods keep theirs. Look at you, New York! I hardly recognize this group of non-smoking, exercising, healthy-eating and organized individuals. What happened? You used to be fun. Interesting, at least. The truth is, if everyone in New [&hellip
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Another Canal Street Building Up for Lease, to Contribute to “Manhattan’s Next Great Retail Frontier”?

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Photo by Wilson Rivera, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons. By Paul Bisceglio   When most New Yorkers think of Canal Street, they probably don’t think of quality retail. There the goods tend to come rolled out on street vendor mats with the brands misspelled, not behind glass windows in fine shopping plazas. Melinda Miller of Winick Realty Group, however, wants to usher in a [&hellip
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The Pan American Contradiction

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A restaurant for the vegan meat-eater locavore globehopper in all of us By Regan Hofmann In the ever-shifting neighborhood creep of Downtown, it seems nothing is what it’s supposed to be anymore. Little Italy has become Chinatown, Nolita has become Soho and Soho has become Times Square. Walking from block to block you’re not quite [&hellip
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The Extravagance of the San Gennaro Festival

Written by Annie Lubin on . Posted in Breaking News

The word “grand” comes to mind when thinking of Little Italy’s annual Feast of San Gennaro, and for good reason. For starters, the 11-day extravaganza, which begins Sept. 15, is the longest-running, biggest outdoor festival in the city, attracting over one million people from all over the world. Add colorful parades, live entertainment ranging from [&hellip
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