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The Protagonist: Kickstart Your Literary Endeavor by Chancing on the Goodwill of Other Artsy Types

Written by Alissa Fleck on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

Kickstarter is a pretty neat product of the crowd-funding-platform movement. It relies on people’s generosity, a collective undying love of one-of-a-kind craftiness and the simple prayer that an inclination toward Kickstarter fatigue will never prevail over the optimism of hopeful artists and niche art appreciators everywhere. Kickstarter is one of those truly unequivocally great things [&hellip
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The Protagonist: Very Important Predictions for the Literary World in 2013

Written by Alissa Fleck on . Posted in News Our Town, News Our Town Downtown, News West Side Spirit, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, West Side Spirit

This Is Your Story Ebook sales will continue to spike now that Digital Book World has officially changed the spelling from “e-book” to “ebook.” Self-publishing will be more of the norm and less about vanity as the proverbial literary pie continues to bloat. (Self-published books will even be seen on some major Top 10 lists.) We’ll burn out on [&hellip
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