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Republican Kool-Aid Clyde Williams must be hanging out with a lot of Republicans (“How Romney-Ryan Plans Would Hurt NY Seniors,” Oct. 18) if he believes that entitlements need to be reformed. Both Medicare and Social Security are solvent and need only minor tweaking. Social Security has $2.7 trillion in its trust fund and is solvent [&hellip
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Lamps inside Riverside Park are on 24/7. Photo by Amanda Woods. DUE CONsideration To the Editor: I wish to make comments in regard to the proposed JHL development on my block (“Jewish Home and Fracking in Hot Seat at UWS Town Hall,” July 26). I wanted to address the serious problems with this proposed project. This ambitious undertaking was embarked upon without due consideration of the [&hellip
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Letters to the Editor

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Gillibrand_1 Political Opportunist  To the Editor: Kirsten Gillibrand is a political hack and opportunist if ever there was one. (“Why Kirsten Gillibrand Could Have It All,” July 26). She shamelessly scouts for headlines to jump on and take what her handlers advise are “populist” positions. An example is Gillibrand jumping on the “Miracle in the Hudson” [&hellip
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