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Solving the Fur, Faux and Real, Dilemma

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fur By Laura Shanahan Would you rather go naked than wear fur, as per the models in the famous anti-fur ad campaign? (I always had a problem with that question: Does it have to be either/or? Can’t I just choose to wear, y’know, regular clothes?) Well, whether you wouldn’t dream of wearing fur—or dream of wearing [&hellip
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The Wonder of C. Wonder at Columbus Circle

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By Laura Shanahan It’s peppy and preppy, it’s white and bright, it’s cute and candy-colored—it’s the brand-spanking-new C. Wonder flagship store at Columbus Circle’s Time Warner Center! Listen, anytime you walk into a shop and are greeted by a commanding life-size figure of a zebra striped with all the hues of the rainbow, you know [&hellip
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Best of the Dollar Stores

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By Laura Shanahan Less Less is gone gone. Cheese ’n’ crackers! I’d long been meaning to scope out the West 24th Street Less Less, ever since I heard it was a family-type operation with service and ambiance well beyond what one may typically associate with a discount novelties/staples store. I finally dusted off my MetroCard, [&hellip
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Old-School Manhattan

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gI_128644_IMAGE OF GOODRICH PHARMACY “We sanded it years back,” said Frank Cammarata, of Goodrich Pharmacy’s plain, wooden-plank floor, “but people like it this way.” He smiled and added, “As I get older, I prefer a more natural state.” You can’t get more natural than the classic wooden cabinetry and fixtures that distinguish Goodrich from its glass-and-glitz chain competitors. Indeed, [&hellip
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Bright Ideas

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105139-1 I’ll never forget the day, years ago, when a friend introduced me to Reveal light bulbs. I screwed that lovely, violet-tinged orb into my ceiling fixture, flicked the switch, and my apartment was magically transformed. My white walls, which were getting that dread yellowish cast, were suddenly blazing blue-white, and my sickly peach blanket turned [&hellip
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