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Lady Smarts: 2013, The Year of the Megging

Written by Meredith Russo on . Posted in News Our Town, News Our Town Downtown, News West Side Spirit, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, West Side Spirit

meggings-1 By Meredith Russo What the hell, 2012. No really, who do you think you are? I guess that Zombie Bath Salt Apocalypse went to your head. And “Call Me Maybe.” Maybe. That happened. But meggings? You’re leaving 2013 with meggings? What are meggings? Oh, you know, what a casual dude might buy at LululeMAN if [&hellip
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Lady Smarts: How to Visit a Bar Alone

Written by Meredith Russo on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

beer book Sometimes a lady just wants to enjoy a glass of wine, some candlelight, and a little ambient activity without the bother of making plans or, quite frankly, conversation. Unfortunately, ever since Eve solo-drank her first Appletini and damned us all, visiting even the coziest bar alone and unbothered has become nearly impossible. Until now. So [&hellip
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Lady Smarts: How to Date for $20

Written by Meredith Russo on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

Stacks of cash not required. Dudes, don’t let a tight wallet keep you from love, or something like it. How to impress a lady on a first date for under $20: “Forget your wallet.” Feign upset and embarrassment. “Find $20 in your pocket.” Feign relief and good fortune! Resolve to have The Best Date Ever using this, and only this, [&hellip
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