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Save After-School Programs

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Childcare Cuts 2 Leaders and students from Upper East Side after-school programs rally to keep them off the budget chopping block “Invest in us; we’ll rise to the top. Give us a little, we’ll grow a lot!” This was the rally cry of the 700 children and after-school advocates that attended the March 28th rally outside City Hall [&hellip
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Under-The-Radar Holiday Lights Around NYC

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lights We all know about the city’s holiday trees–but here are four lesser known spots for holiday lights that are totally worth visiting. By Meredith Greene One of the best parts of the holiday season is the glittering lights and snazzy decorations, and we all know about the city’s plethora of holiday trees. But here are four [&hellip
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Would You Sequence Your Baby’s Genome?

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baby foot With DNA science becoming more advanced and accessible, parents may have to decide how much genetic info they really want. By Whitney C. Harris Would you sequence your baby’s genome? It sounds like a question from some futuristic sci-fi thriller, but it’s slowly becoming a reality for present day parents according to this recent NPR feature [&hellip
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Family Kitchen Project: Wonton Soup

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wontons Enlist your kids to recreate a takeout favorite right at home for a cozy afternoon of messy fun. By Christine Wei When I was growing up in Taiwan, dumplings were the epitome of family bonding in the kitchen. Every time the Lunar New Year rolled around, I’d gather in the kitchen with my mom and [&hellip
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How Are Things at Camp?

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MOST CAMPS TRY TO OFFER A LOW-TECH EXPERIENCE, WHILE ALLOWING PARENTS AND CHILDREN TO STAY IN TOUCH Besides traditional letter-writing, many camps offer families different forms of communication to stay connected to their children. ONE-WAY EMAILS Today’s parents are busy, and camps know that email is an easy and convenient way for them to keep [&hellip
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Blackboard Awards: 10 Years of Honoring Education Excellence

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bba_Avenues_BessAdler This being the 10th anniversary year of the Blackboard Awards, it seems only fitting to recall the involvement of the awards’ patron saint, the legendary teacher and author Frank McCourt. You may remember that McCourt was the career high school English teacher who, in retirement, wrote the mega-bestselling memoir about his childhood in Ireland, Angela’s Ashes. [&hellip
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Unusual Shops For Families In NYC

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DinosaurHill-199x300 Ten quirky, unique stores where families can find everything from exotic insects to old-fashioned rubber stamps. For Curious Adventurers Skip the museum and creep up your day at The Evolution Store, where those with a taste for adventure can get a glimpse of prehistoric specimens and exotic insects. Channel the likes of Indiana Jones and [&hellip
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10 Great Kids Events for November

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Cupcake-Hat-1024x681   Our Picks Of The Month For What To Do With Your Kids By Angela Bunt Now through January 13  STUFF LEGENDS ARE MADE OF [ALL AGES] The Big Apple Circus is back and better than ever with a new Legendarium show at Lincoln Center! Inside the Big Top circus tent, which holds more than 1,700 [&hellip
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The Big Question

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ARTS & CRAFTS Choosing the Right Type of Camp for Your Child—Single Sex or Coed? Traditional or Specialist?—Can Make All the Difference. By Jess Michaels When searching for a sleepaway camp—or resident camp, as some call them—there are many factors families need to consider. The most basic decision involves the type of camp but even that has its [&hellip
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