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Can You Guess the Downtown Locales of Willow Smith’s New Video?

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“I am Me” video showcases some pretty NYC spots There are many people who would argue that New York City, intrinsically, seems to have its own personality. Its diversity, culture, and scope that come naturally with a city so large aren’t only a part of a New Yorker’s life, but seem to permeate the works [&hellip
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Tribeca Super Charged in Jewel and Art Thefts

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The 62-year-old superintendent of a Tribeca building on Washington Street was sentenced today three to nine years in state prison for stealing paintings and jewelry from building residents. According to the Manhattan DA, Mihaly Kovacsezics took art worth $13,365 from one resident, whose elderly aunt he befriended prior to her death, and $23,380 in jewelry [&hellip
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Due Date

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By Armond White For many people, the term Due Date means expiration for library books. For Todd Phillips and Robert Downey, it means car crashes, scatology and homo-nuttiness. The plot, in which Downey plays tetchy California architect Peter Highman, awaiting the fulfillment of his wife’s pregnancy, barely uses the term’s adult natal significance; it’s strictly [&hellip
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A Dream for Dr. King

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Please consider how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, dream could apply to so much that we need. To me, the non-violence dream, above all, means protecting the innocent and enforcing the laws that ensure public safety, government’s first Constitutional duty. Fire and crime fighting forces should not be reduced, nor should hospitals and schools be [&hellip
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