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Jonathan Ames: Everybody Dies in Memphis

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memphis_pyramid_parkinglot About two hours after the Tyson-Lewis fight, after the arena had cleared out, after the final press conference, after 20,000 people had collectively shot some kind of cathartic wad of soul-semen and soul-pussy-juice, I found an exit and walked alone across a large, desolate parking lot and up a steep grass embankment. As usual I [&hellip
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MARISSA MAIER on the last thing that made her say ‘Wow!’

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By Marissa Maier “What was the last thing that made you go, wow?” asked Garrison Keillor, the smooth-voiced host of A Prairie Home Companion, of a group of 1,400 at The Moth at Town Hall last week during a celebration of stories and storytellers. Over the course of the night, Keillor and the event’s five [&hellip
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