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Armond White: Weinstein’s “Lawless” Presents U.S. History as Torture Porn

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Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain in Lawless. Via City Arts. Harvey Weinstein called for a summit meeting on movie violence soon after the Dark Knight Rises massacre. It hasn’t happened yet but Harvey’s word becomes cultural law. So, instead, The Weinstein Company this week releases John Hillcoat’s Lawless, the most promiscuously violent movie since The Dark Knight Rises. If you go to see Lawless, duck. About [&hellip
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Road Kill

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Observing mayhem and cannibalism, a boy trekking through wilderness with his father after surviving some unnamed holocaust asks, “Are we still the good guys?” This hipster question makes John Hillcoat’s The Road much less credible and thought-provoking than Dakota Fanning in War of the Worlds asking, “Are we still alive?” Hillcoat, whose suspicious taste runs [&hellip
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